5th World Congress on Controversies to Consensus in Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension (CODHy) 2015 Istanbul

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  • ComtecMed Medical Congresses is delighted to announce the 5th World Congress on Controversies to Consensus in Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension (CODHy) which will take place on November 5 – 7, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center.

    The World CODHy Congress was established in 2006; following its unprecedented success, it has expanded to include regional congresses in Latin America and Asia Pacific. In celebration of the World CODHy’s 5th anniversary and CODHy’s 10th worldwide congress we are thrilled to announce that this up coming congress will introduce an innovative concept and are pleased to invite you to join us in this milestone.

    The Scientific Program will introduce “State of the Art Lectures”, and expert panels exchanging ideas through “Think Tank” sessions, encouraging the participants to take an active role in these discussions. In addition, the program will include a significant allocation of time for interactive debates and questions from the audience to each panel of experts.

    The Congress prides itself in having an outstanding World-​renowned faculty and the most up-​to-​date clinical, scientific and academic program, concentrating not only on future therapies and interventions, but also on disease prevention and treatment goals.

    As in previous years, the proceedings of this World CODHy Congress will be published in a special supplement of the Diabetes Care Journal featuring peer-​reviewed articles by CODHy’s prestigious speakers. To view the most recent edition of this supplement online please click here.

    We invite you to join us for an exceptional Congress, providing participants and speakers alike with the unique opportunity to debate the most pressing issues in diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

    Congress Topics

    • Plenary Session 1 – Mechanism of action of the incretins – update 2015: Why existing treatment does not prevent or reverse diabetic complications? Do we need new long-​acting Basal Insulin’s?
    • Session 2 – The place of drug induced heart failure; Initial use of combination therapy (Grade and Verify); Underlie pathophysiology of Diabetes — Guide for drug selection
    • Session 3 – Weight loss maintenance – success and failure; Factors determining weight loss maintenance
    • Session 4 – Do new oral agents offer added value? Are basal insulin analogues cost-​effective? Insulin vs. dual therapy as a first or second line therapy
    • Session 5 – Bariatric and metabolic surgery 2015: Any BMI? Which Procedure? Mechanisms of weight loss and metabolic profile
    • Session 6 – Controversies regarding diabetes and cancer: Epidemiology of the association of obesity, diabetes and cancer risk; Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer: new insight into the pathophysiology; Do anti hyperglycemic drugs affect cancer risk and mortality?
    • Session 7 – Target Blood Pressure: The very elderly; Diabetic patients; Patients with proteinuria
    • Plenary Session 8 – The design of the ongoing CV outcome studies does not allow to show superiority of new antidiabetic drugs; GLP1 receptor agonists are more likely to reduce the risk of CVD in T2DM compared with DPP-​4 Inhibitors
    • Session 9 – Inflammation in diabetes: The TNFalpha ER-​Stress pathway; The NF-​kB pathway; The IL-​1beta inflammasomes pathway
    • Session 10 – Establishing safety of new therapies after licensing: Why do EMA and FDA so often disagree? What should ‘efficiency’ mean for new glucose-​lowering medication?
    • Session 11 – New guidelines do they recommend anything different? JNC 013, ATP 4, ESH/​ECS
    • Session 12 – Heart failure in type 2 diabetes: Epidemiology and risk factors; Antidiabetic drugs and heart failure; Prevention and therapy of heart failure in T2DM
    • Session 13 – How common is true resistant hypertension? Should we evaluate patients for renal artery stenosis? When should we refer patients for renal denervation?
    • Session 14 – Should we prefer a DPP-​4 inhibitor or a SGLT2-​inhibitor in antidiabetic dual or triple therapy?
    • Session 15 – SGLT2-​1? Incretin alone and in combination — treatment algorithm
    • Session 16 – Future trends in epidemiology of diabetes: Which antidiabetic treatment should we use in patients with LADA? Future treatment: Are all sulfonylureas more or less the same?


    Congress Chairmen

    • Prof. Stefano Del Prato – Italy
    • Prof. Hassan Illkova – Turkey
    • Prof. Itamar Raz – Israel

    Section Heads


    • Ehud Gossman – Israel
    • Peter Nilsson – Sweden
    • Eberhard Standl – Germany

    Diabetes – Basic Science

    • Marc Donath – Switzerland
    • Derek Leroith – USA, Israel
    • Valeriya Lyssenko – Sweden

    Diabetes-​Clinical Science

    • Philip Home – UK
    • Paolo Pozzilli – Italy
    • Guntram Scherenthanerm – Austria


    • Luc Van Gaal – Belgium
    • Vojtech Hainer – Czech Republic
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