5th World Congress on Controversies in Ophthalmology (COPHy) 2014

  • Conference Call
  • ComtecMed Med­ical Con­gresses is pleased to announce and invite you to par­tic­i­pate in The 5th World Con­gress on Con­tro­ver­sies in Oph­thal­mol­ogy (COPHy), which will take place at the Epic Sana Lis­boa Hotel in Lis­bon, Por­tu­gal on March 20 – 23, 2014.

    The great suc­cess of the pre­vi­ous four COPHy Con­gresses, held in Prague, Barcelona, Istan­bul, Budapest and the enthu­si­as­tic feed­back from the lat­est con­gress illus­trated the need for this dynamic con­gress. We are excited to dis­close that COPHy Lis­bon will be devoted to evidence-​based debates and dis­cus­sions amongst chair­per­sons, speak­ers and the audi­ence, all of whom will exam­ine and ana­lyze the most rel­e­vant issues raised dur­ing the course of 2013 within the field of ophthalmology.

    This edu­ca­tional con­gress will con­tinue to focus on Ante­rior Seg­ment, Glau­coma, and Retina sec­tions, and will dis­cuss con­tro­ver­sies in other areas of oph­thal­mol­ogy, such as neuro-​ophthalmology, as well.

    The sci­en­tific pro­gram will include overviews, state of the art lec­tures and con­tro­ver­sial debates. Out­stand­ing world lead­ers as fac­ulty will present both pro and con posi­tions while fur­ther chal­leng­ing and explor­ing the opti­mal treat­ment for patients, with empha­sis on the appro­pri­ate use of new and emerg­ing drugs. This for­mat includes a sub­stan­tial allo­ca­tion of time for inter­ac­tive debates and ques­tions from the audi­ence to each panel of experts. Par­tic­i­pants are encour­aged to take an active role in the dis­cus­sions with fac­ulty mem­bers which fol­low each debate, in a unique and open environment.

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    Med­ical Retina

    • Age-​related mac­u­lar degen­er­a­tion: Nutri­tional sup­ple­ments, Aspirin, Drug of choice, Fre­quency of treatment;
    • Behcet’s dis­ease treatment
    • Choroidal imag­ing: Is it nec­es­sary for diag­no­sis, prog­no­sis, or treatment?
    • Dia­betic mac­u­lar edema: Drug of choice and treat­ment reg­i­men with center-​involved edema and vision impair­ment in pha­kic patients
    • DME – Treat­ment reg­i­men in pseudo pha­kic patients
    • Endoph­thalmi­tis pre­ven­tion in intrav­it­real injections
    • Aut­o­flu­o­res­cence: Is it nec­es­sary for diag­no­sis, prog­no­sis, or treat­ment management?
    • Laser in DME
    • Dietary sup­ple­ments for age-​related mac­u­lar degeneration
    • Mul­ti­fo­cal ERG: Is it nec­es­sary for diag­no­sis, prog­no­sis, or treatment
    • Retini­tis pig­men­tosa: Cur­rent clin­i­cal man­age­ment and future treatments
    • Man­age­ment of Pseudopha­kic cys­toid mac­u­lar edema
    • Reti­nal vein occlu­sion with mac­u­lar edema
    • Retinopa­thy of prematurity
    • Uveitis-​related cys­toid mac­u­lar edema
    • CNV in inflam­ma­tory disease


    • Choroidal melanoma
    • Intraoc­u­lar lym­phoma: Trends in therapy
    • Pseudo­tu­mor cere­bri: Management
    • Psue­do­tu­mor cere­bri in pregnancy
    • Pedi­atric pseudo­tu­mor cerebri
    • Pos­te­rior optic neu­ropa­thy: Eval­u­a­tion and management
    • Man­age­ment of iso­lated optic neuritis

    Sur­gi­cal Retina

    • Brachyther­apy for age-​related mac­u­lar degen­er­a­tion Choroidal detach­ment post glau­coma surgery: Management
    • Dyes in epireti­nal mem­brane surgery
    • Vit­re­o­mac­u­lar traction
    • Mac­u­lar holes
    • Man­age­ment of mac­u­lar schi­sis in patho­logic myopia: Surgery or observation?
    • Large sub­mac­u­lar hem­or­rhage in pre­dom­i­nantly hem­or­rhagic CNV lesion
    • Non-​clearing vit­re­ous hem­or­rhage: When to treat in:
    • Vit­rec­tomy for epireti­nal membranes
    • Ante­rior Segment
    • Fem­tosec­ond laser in cataract surgery
    • Astig­ma­tism cor­rec­tion: In low pre-​op astigmatism
    • How to cor­rect low astigmatism?
    • Toric IOLs
    • Chal­leng­ing cataract cases
    • Ker­a­to­conus
    • Dis­lo­cated IOL’s
    • Dry eye
    • IOL Cal­cu­la­tions
    • LASIK in 2013 – 2014
    • Mul­ti­fo­cal /​accom­moda­tive lenses
    • Spe­cial IOLs
    • Phaco flu­idics and power set­tings, tech­nolo­gies, machines
    • Pen­e­trat­ing Keratoplasty
    • Pupil­lary dilation
    • Pre­mium IOL’s
    • Pseudopha­kic pres­by­opia solu­tion /​gen­eral pres­by­opia correction
    • Laser to tra­bec­u­lar meshwork
    • Blood flow and per­fu­sion pres­sure in glau­coma cil­iary body abla­tive procedures
    • Coex­ist­ing cataract and glau­coma med­ical man­age­ment: First line for open angle glaucoma
    • Treat­ment monitoring
    • Future of glau­coma treatment
    • Future of glau­coma surgery
    • Neo­vas­cu­lar glaucoma
    • Non-​penetrating sclerectomy
    • Optic nerve head imaging
    • Pedi­atric glaucoma

    Abstract Submission

    Par­tic­i­pants who wish to give a pre­sen­ta­tion at the Con­gress are requested to sub­mit an abstract for review by the Sci­en­tific Com­mit­tee. The Com­mit­tee reserves the right to decide on the final form of pre­sen­ta­tion. Abstracts will be pub­lished in the abstract book only on receipt of reg­is­tra­tion fees in full by Feb­ru­ary 20, 2014.

    When sub­mit­ting your abstract please note:

    • Com­plete full Con­tact details of the pre­sent­ing author(s) .
    • Details of affil­i­a­tions of the author(s): insti­tu­tion, city, country.
    • Names of authors, names should be writ­ten in “Title Case” with First Name Ini­tial and Last Name Only. For exam­ple: First Name: J., Last Name: Smith
    • Title of the abstract in CAP­I­TAL LET­TERS ONLY.
    • Abstracts can­not exceed 250 words and can­not include tables and graphs.
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