4th Annual International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Economics Research (QQE) 2014

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  • The Global Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy Forum (GSTF) is kindly invit­ing you to par­tic­i­pate in the 4th Annual Inter­na­tional Con­fer­ence on Qual­i­ta­tive and Quan­ti­ta­tive Eco­nom­ics Research (QQE) 2014, held April 28 – 29, 2014 in Phuket, Thai­land.

    Con­fer­ence Theme

    In the past, eco­nom­ics is pri­mar­ily focused on num­bers and sta­tis­tics. How­ever, with the intro­duc­tion of qual­i­ta­tive and quan­ti­ta­tive eco­nom­ics research, eco­nom­ics has evolved from the neo-​classical the­o­ries and instead can now be eas­ily under­stood and mean­ing­fully pre­sented with the ana­lyt­i­cal fore­casts of the num­bers and sta­tis­tics that are pro­duced. Qual­i­ta­tive eco­nom­ics refers to a direc­tion of change in some eco­nomic vari­able as related to change of some other eco­nomic vari­able. On the other hand, quan­ti­ta­tive eco­nom­ics uses a range of com­plex math­e­mat­i­cal and sta­tis­ti­cal pro­ce­dures to ana­lyze eco­nomic phe­nom­ena. These tech­niques help eco­nomic ana­lysts explain eco­nomic issues and under­stand human actions, group inter­ac­tions and communities.

    The QQE con­fer­ence is ded­i­cated in pro­vid­ing researchers, aca­d­e­mi­cians and stu­dents with a thor­ough under­stand­ing of the core tech­niques of quan­ti­ta­tive and qual­i­ta­tive eco­nom­ics as well as their strengths and lim­i­ta­tions. We also wel­come par­tic­i­pants to include their under­stand­ing of the qual­i­ta­tive and quan­ti­ta­tive appli­ca­tion to test eco­nomic the­o­ries and mea­sure mag­ni­tudes rel­e­vant for eco­nomic pol­icy and other decisions.

    Con­fer­ence Highlights

    Best Paper Awards and Best Stu­dent Paper Awards will be con­ferred at the con­fer­ence (in order to qual­ify for the award, the paper must be pre­sented at the conference).

    Panel Pro­pos­als are invited for sub­mis­sion to the QQE 2014. A min­i­mum of three papers cen­ter­ing on a spe­cific topic will be accepted for sub­mis­sion under Panel Cat­e­gory.

    Keynote Speakers

    Pub­li­ca­tion Opportunities

    • Pro­ceed­ings: The 2014 Con­fer­ence Pro­ceed­ings (Print ISSN: 2251 – 2012, E-​Periodical ISSN: 2251 – 2020): will be indexed by EBSCO, Cross­Ref, Pro­quest, Ulrich­sweb, PsycEX­TRA.
    • Jour­nal: Depend­ing on their impor­tance, orig­i­nal­ity, qual­ity, rel­e­vance and other edi­to­r­ial con­sid­er­a­tions, eli­gi­ble research arti­cles will be invited for pub­li­ca­tion in the GSTF Jour­nal on Busi­ness Review (GBR) (Print ISSN: 2010 – 4804, E-​periodical: 2251 – 2888) which is indexed by Econ­Biz, EBSCO, Cross­Ref, Pro­quest and Cabell’s Directories.
    • Book: Selected authors will be invited to con­tribute book chap­ters in “Busi­ness Review: Advanced Appli­ca­tions“ to be pub­lished by GSTF.

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    Top­ics of inter­est include, but are not lim­ited to:

    • Advanced Macro­eco­nomic Theory
    • Advanced Sta­tis­tics
    • Agent-​based com­pu­ta­tional eco­nom­ics (ACE)
    • Applied Macro­econo­met­rics
    • Applied Micro­econo­met­rics
    • Applied micro­eco­nom­ics
    • Behav­ioral Economics
    • Busi­ness Strategy
    • Com­putable Gen­eral Equi­lib­rium Model
    • Con­sump­tion
    • Con­tract The­ory & Applications
    • Cost pull inflation
    • Deduc­tion Method
    • Demand pull inflation
    • Dynamic sto­chas­tic gen­eral equi­lib­rium DSGE Model
    • Econo­met­rics
    • Eco­nomic Development
    • Eco­nomic Growth
    • Eco­nomic Model
    • Eco­nom­ics and Com­pe­ti­tion Policy
    • Eco­nom­ics of Uncer­tainty and Finance
    • Eco­nom­ics Research
    • Elas­tic­ity of products
    • Expan­sion and Con­trac­tion Busi­ness Cycle
    • Finance Research
    • Finan­cial Markets
    • Fis­cal policy
    • Game The­ory & Applications
    • Game the­ory and Eco­nomic Analysis
    • Gross Domes­tic Product
    • Gross National Product
    • Income pol­icy
    • Induc­tion Method
    • Indus­trial Economies
    • Infla­tion
    • Inno­va­tion Economics
    • Inter­na­tional Finance
    • Inter­na­tional Trade
    • Inter­na­tional trade
    • Invest­ment & Savings
    • Key­ne­sian Models
    • Labor Economies
    • Lin­ear programming
    • Macro eco­nomic & Micro eco­nomic Problems
    • Macro eco­nom­ics vari­ables & func­tional relationship
    • Macro The­ory of Distribution
    • Macro­eco­nom­ics
    • Mar­ginal Analysis
    • Mar­ket stability
    • Mar­kets under asym­met­ric information
    • Math­e­mat­ics for economists
    • Micro­eco­nom­ics
    • Modes of Operation
    • Mon­e­tary Economics
    • Mon­e­tary policy
    • Neo­clas­si­cal model
    • Opti­miza­tion Techniques
    • Orga­ni­za­tional Eco­nom­ics and Cor­po­rate Finance
    • Par­tial Equi­lib­rium Model
    • Plan­ning models
    • Plan­ning Techniques
    • Prob­a­bil­ity Theory
    • Processes and Estimation
    • Quan­ti­ta­tive Economics
    • Regres­sion Analysis
    • Sup­ply of money as func­tion of interest
    • The­ory of Eco­nomic Welfare
    • The­ory of Fac­tor Pricing
    • The­ory of Prices
    • The­ory of Prod­uct Pricing
    • Time Series Analy­sis & Forecasting
    • Unem­ploy­ment
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