4th SDIWC International Conference on Digital Information Processing, Data Mining and Wireless Communication (DIPDMWC) 2017

  • Conference Call
  • You are invited to par­tic­i­pate in 4th Inter­na­tional Con­fer­ence on Dig­i­tal Infor­ma­tion Pro­cess­ing, Data Min­ing and Wire­less Com­mu­ni­ca­tion (DIPDMWC2017) that will be held at the Uni­ver­si­tas Mercu Buana – Meruya Cam­pus in Jakarta, Indone­sia on July 1920, 2017. The event will be held over two days, with pre­sen­ta­tions deliv­ered by researchers from the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity, includ­ing pre­sen­ta­tions from keynote speak­ers and state-​of-​the-​art lectures.

    Keynote Speaker

    • Dr. Har­wikarya Hardi – Mercu Buana Uni­ver­sity, Indonesia

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    Dig­i­tal Infor­ma­tion Processing

    • Adap­tive Sig­nal Processing
    • Arti­fi­cial Intelligence
    • Bioin­for­mat­ics & Bio­med­ical Imaging
    • Bio­med­ical Sig­nal Processing
    • Bio­met­ric and Pat­tern Recognition
    • Computer-​Aided Surgery
    • Data Com­pres­sion and Watermarking
    • Data Mod­el­ing for Cloud-​Based Networks
    • E-​Banking
    • E-​Commerce
    • E-​Learning
    • E-​Marketing
    • Energy Min­i­miza­tion in Cluster-​Based Wire­less Sen­sor Networks
    • Expert Sys­tems
    • Face Recog­ni­tion and High-​Resolution Imaging
    • Image Pro­cess­ing
    • Infor­ma­tion Secu­rity and Cryptography
    • Mod­u­la­tion, Cod­ing, and Chan­nel Analysis
    • Mul­ti­me­dia Sig­nal Processing
    • Nat­ural Lan­guage Processing
    • Net­work and Cyber Security
    • Neural Net­works and Genetic Algorithms
    • Object Detec­tion, Recog­ni­tion and Categorization
    • Par­al­lel Pro­gram­ming & Processing
    • Speech Recog­ni­tion, Analy­sis and Synthesis
    • Video Com­pres­sion and Streaming

    Data Mining

    • Abnor­mally and Out­lier Detection
    • Data Min­ing for Cus­tomer Retention
    • Data Clas­si­fi­ca­tion and Clustering
    • Data Clean­ing and Processing
    • Data Min­ing and Cloud Computing
    • Data Min­ing for Busi­ness Intelligent
    • Data Min­ing for Cli­mate Change and Impacts
    • Data Min­ing for Com­plex Dataset
    • Data Min­ing for Net­work Intru­sion Detection
    • Data Min­ing for Network/​Cyber Security
    • Data Min­ing for Social Net­work Analysis
    • Data Min­ing for Traf­fic Control
    • Data Min­ing Techniques
    • Ethics of Data Mining
    • Fea­ture Extrac­tion and Data Reduction
    • Multi-​Task Learning
    • Online Algo­rithms for Data Mining
    • Opti­miza­tion Techniques
    • Risk Man­age­ment and Analysis
    • Text and Web Mining

    Wire­less Communications

    • Bioin­for­mat­ics and Sci­en­tific Computing
    • Blue­tooth and Per­sonal Area Networks
    • Cod­ing and Modulation
    • Dig­i­tal Right Man­age­ment and Mul­ti­me­dia Protection
    • Energy Min­i­miza­tion in Cluster-​Based Wire­less Sen­sor Networks
    • IP Mul­ti­me­dia Sub-​Systems
    • Key Man­age­ment Protocols
    • Mobile /​Wire­less Net­work Planning
    • Mobile Data­base Access and Design
    • Mobile IP Networks/​Ad-​hoc Networks
    • Mobile Man­age­ment in Wire­less Networks
    • Mobile/​Wire­less Net­work Mod­el­ing and Simulation
    • Net­work Management
    • Secu­rity and Robust­ness in Wire­less Networks
    • Vehic­u­lar Wire­less Networks
    • Wi-​Fi and Wi-​MAX B3G/​4G Wire­less Networks
    • Wire­less Local Area Networks
    • Wire­less Net­work Stan­dard and Protocols
    • Wire­less Sen­sor Networks
    • Wire­less Sys­tem Architecture

    Pub­li­ca­tion Opportunities

    All the sub­mit­ted papers will be reviewed by a min­i­mum of two review­ers, and all the reg­is­tered papers will be sub­mit­ted to IEEE for poten­tial inclu­sion to IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstract­ing and Index­ing (A&I) data­bases. In addi­tion, BEST reg­is­tered papers will be pub­lished in one of the fol­low­ing spe­cial issues pro­vided that the author do major improve­ments and exten­sion within the time frame that will be set by the con­fer­ence and his/​her paper is approved by the chief editor:

    Pro­gram Committees

    • Gen­eral Chair: Devi Fitri­anah – Uni­ver­si­tas Mercu Buana, Indonesia
    • Pro­gram Chair: Jacek Stando – Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity of Lodz, Poland
    • Pro­gram Co-​Chair: Ida Nurhaida – Uni­ver­si­tas Mercu Buana, Indonesia
    • Pub­li­ca­tion Chair: Yoshiro Imai – Kagawa Uni­ver­sity, Japan


    • Rana Khud­hair Abbas Ahmed – Alrafidain Uni­ver­sity Col­lege, Iraq
    • Kabiru Dan­ladi Garba – Bayero Uni­ver­sity Kano, Nigeria


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