3rd World Congress of the International Society for Fertility Preservation (ISFP) 2013

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  • The Inter­na­tional Soci­ety for Fer­til­ity Preser­va­tion (ISFP) invites you to take part in The 3rd World Con­gress on the Inter­na­tional Soci­ety for Fer­til­ity Preser­va­tion (ISFP) which will take place in Valen­cia, Spain on Novem­ber 7 – 9, 2013.

    Fer­til­ity preser­va­tion is a sub­stan­tial qual­ity of life issue for young can­cer sur­vivors. As a con­se­quence, the demand for fer­til­ity preser­va­tion has dra­mat­i­cally increased. The aim of the Con­gress is to update cur­rent sci­en­tific and clin­i­cal devel­op­ment of fer­til­ity preser­va­tion strate­gies. The Con­gress will not only prop­a­gate the cur­rent knowl­edge but also pro­vide an oppor­tu­nity for networking.

    This con­gress is designed for repro­duc­tive endocri­nol­o­gists, hematology-​oncologists, gyne­co­logic oncol­o­gists, psy­chol­o­gists, basic sci­en­tists, clin­i­cal researchers, oncol­ogy nurses, REI nurses, oncol­ogy social work­ers and oth­ers inter­ested in fer­til­ity preservation.

    Dur­ing this con­gress, par­tic­i­pants will be able to:

    • Edu­cate med­ical pro­fes­sion­als to facil­i­tate FP referrals
    • Define the eth­i­cal and legal issues related to FP
    • Explain the impact of can­cer treat­ment on fer­til­ity and reproduction.
    • Eval­u­ate the cur­rent sta­tus of gamete Cryopreservation.
    • Assess the strate­gies and val­ues of emerg­ing tech­nol­ogy in ovar­ian transplantation.
    • Rec­og­nize basic phys­i­ol­ogy and effects of Cryopreservation.
    • Ana­lyze phys­i­ol­ogy and cur­rent tech­niques of fol­licu­lo­ge­n­e­sis and IVM.
    • Iden­tify new fer­til­ity preser­va­tion technologies

    Con­gress Main Topics

    • Cancer-​induced changes in the gonads and gametes
    • Mech­a­nisms of chemotherapy-​induced loss of follicles
    • Cur­rent meth­ods of fer­til­ity preservation
    • Dimin­ish­ing ischemia in ovar­ian tis­sue transplantation
    • Acti­va­tion of dor­mant ovar­ian follicles
    • Ovar­ian stem cells
    • Value of GnRH ago­nists to pre­vent fol­lic­u­lar depletion
    • Tis­sue engeneering
    • The role of in vitro mat­u­ra­tion of oocytes
    • In vitro fol­lic­u­lar growth

    Con­tin­u­ing Med­ical Edu­ca­tion accred­i­ta­tion (CME)

    The 3rd World Con­gress of the Inter­na­tional Soci­ety for Fer­til­ity Preser­va­tion (ISFP) has sub­mit­ted for CME accred­i­ta­tion via the Euro­pean Accred­i­ta­tion Coun­cil for Con­tin­u­ing Med­ical Edu­ca­tion (EAC­CME). The accred­i­ta­tion will be in com­pli­ance with EBU/​UEMS reg­u­la­tions — 1 credit per hour, with a max­i­mum of 6 cred­its per day. The EBU/​EACCME CME Cred­its are rec­og­nized by National Accred­i­ta­tion Author­i­ties. Each med­ical spe­cial­ist should claim only those hours of credit that he/​she actu­ally spent in the edu­ca­tional activ­ity. All CME activ­i­ties approved by the EBU/​EACCME are valid for recog­ni­tion by the Amer­i­can Med­ical Asso­ci­a­tion towards the Physician’s Recog­ni­tion Award (PRA). To con­vert EAC­CME credit to AMA PRA cat­e­gory 1 credit, con­tact the AMA.

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