3rd International Glucosinolate Conference 2014: Glucosinolates and beyond

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  • Research on glu­cosi­no­lates has flour­ished in the last decades. There has been a strong focus on fun­da­men­tal as well as applied research of these sec­ondary plant com­pounds occur­ring in the Bras­si­cales.

    Glu­cosi­no­lates and their break­down prod­ucts pro­vide resis­tance to her­bi­vores and pathogens, are respon­si­ble for the typ­i­cal flavour of mus­tards and cab­bages, and play an impor­tant role in the pro­tec­tion against can­cer. Thus, we can truly say that glu­cosi­no­lates are ‘the spice of life’. The ver­sa­til­ity of these phy­to­chem­i­cals is reflected by the diverse dis­ci­plines used to study them. Knowl­edge about glu­cosi­no­lates and derived prod­ucts pro­vide insights on soil, plant and human health.

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    The inter­dis­ci­pli­nary con­fer­ence will be cen­tred around four themes, cov­er­ing the full range of cur­rent basic and applied glu­cosi­no­late research:

    • Mol­e­c­u­lar and genetic aspects of glucosinolates
    • Ecol­ogy and evo­lu­tion of glucosinolates
    • Glu­cosi­no­lates and human health
    • Appli­ca­tion of glu­cosi­no­lates in agro– and food systems

    Con­fer­ence Setup

    Each theme will be intro­duced by invited keynote speak­ers and fol­lowed by pre­sen­ta­tions selected from the par­tic­i­pants. We explic­itly aim to fos­ter inte­gra­tion between the themes by hav­ing the­mat­i­cally mixed poster ses­sions. Each poster pre­sen­ter will have the oppor­tu­nity to high­light his or her poster in an oral ‘flash’ pre­sen­ta­tion. Inte­gra­tion between the par­tic­i­pants is fur­ther stim­u­lated dur­ing the excur­sion and con­fer­ence din­ner on Tuesday.

    We warmly invite you to join us for this 3rd Inter­na­tional Glu­cosi­no­late Con­fer­ence 2014 tak­ing place at Wagenin­gen Uni­ver­sity and Research Cen­tre on Octo­ber 12 – 15, 2014 in Wagenin­gen, Nether­lands.

    Please sign up for the mail­ing list for receiv­ing more detailed infor­ma­tion on this con­fer­ence via e-​mail: glucosinolates2​0​1​4​@​wur.​nl

    Organ­is­ing sci­en­tific committee

    • Dr Guusje Bon­nema – Wagenin­gen UR Plant Breeding
    • Dr Ruud Verk­erk – Food Qual­ity and Design, Wagenin­gen University
    • Dr Eric Schranz – Biosys­tem­at­ics, Wagenin­gen University
    • Dr Tom de Jong – Plant Ecol­ogy & Phy­to­chem­istry, Insti­tute of Biol­ogy Lei­den, Lei­den University
    • Dr Nicole van Dam – Ecoge­nomics, Rad­boud Uni­ver­sity Nijmegen
    • Dr Arjan Biere – Ter­res­trial Ecol­ogy, Nether­lands Insti­tute for Ecol­ogy (NIOO-​KNAW), Wageningen
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