3rd International Eurasian Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Applications (IECMSA) 2014

  • Conference Call
  • It is our great plea­sure to announce that we are orga­niz­ing the “3rd Inter­na­tional Eurasian Con­fer­ence on Math­e­mat­i­cal Sci­ences and Appli­ca­tions (IECMSA-​2014)” which will be held at the Vienna Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy — TU Wien (TUW) located in the heart of Europe in Vienna, Aus­tria on August 25 – 28, 2014.

    The Vienna Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy is one of the major uni­ver­si­ties in Aus­tria founded in 1985 and cur­rently has about 26.000 stu­dents and 4000 staff mem­bers. The University’s teach­ing and research are focused on engi­neer­ing and nat­ural sciences.

    The orga­niz­ing com­mit­tee invites you to par­tic­i­pate in the IECMSA-​2014 at the Vienna Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy. This con­fer­ence is sup­ported by Vienna Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy, Vienna, AUS­TRIA, Sakarya Uni­ver­sity, Kocaeli Uni­ver­sity and Bile­cik Uni­ver­sity, TURKEY.

    The main aim of this con­fer­ence is to con­tribute to the devel­op­ment of math­e­mat­i­cal sci­ences and its appli­ca­tions and to bring together the mem­bers of the math­e­mat­ics com­mu­nity, inter­dis­ci­pli­nary researchers, edu­ca­tors, math­e­mati­cians, sta­tis­ti­cians and engi­neers from all over the world.

    The con­fer­ence will present new results and future chal­lenges, in series of invited and short talks and poster pre­sen­ta­tions. The pre­sen­ta­tions can be done in the lan­guage of Turk­ish and Eng­lish. Also, orig­i­nal, unpub­lished papers are invited for pre­sen­ta­tion in the con­fer­ence IECMSA-​2014.

    Invited Speakers

    • Prof. Dr. Ravi P. AGAR­WAL – Texas A&M University
    • Prof. Dr. Claude CAR­LET – Uni­ver­sity of Paris 8
    • Prof. Dr. Jan Van MILL – VU Uni­ver­sity Amsterdam
    • Prof. Dr. Kazım İLARSLAN – Kirikkale University
    • Prof. Dr. Lju­bisa KOCINAC – Uni­ver­sity of Nis
    • Prof. Dr. Hell­muth STACHEL – Vienna Uni­ver­sity of Technology
    • Prof. Dr. Grozio STANILOV – Kli­ment Ohrid­ski Uni­ver­sity of Sofia
    • Prof. Dr. İrfan ŞİAP – Yildiz Tech­ni­cal University
    • Prof. Dr. Varga KALAN­TAROV Koc University

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    Top­ics of inter­est for sub­mis­sion include, but are not lim­ited to:


    • Alge­bra
    • Applied Math­e­mat­ics
    • Dis­crete Mathematics
    • Finite Math­e­mat­ics
    • Frac­tals
    • Geom­e­try
    • His­tory of Mathematics
    • Logic
    • Analy­sis
    • Num­ber Theory
    • Numer­i­cal Analysis
    • Topol­ogy
    • Com­pu­ta­tional Mathematics
    • Cross-​disciplinary areas of Math.
    • Other Areas of Mathematics

    Math­e­mat­i­cal Statistics

    • Applied Sta­tis­tics
    • Busi­ness Statistics
    • Com­pu­ta­tional Statistics
    • Com­puter Simulations
    • Econo­met­rics
    • Envi­ron­men­tal Statistics
    • Indus­trial Statistics
    • Math­e­mat­i­cal Statistics
    • Oper­a­tions Research
    • Prob­a­bil­ity
    • Quan­ti­ta­tive Methods
    • Sta­tis­ti­cal Modeling

    Math­e­mat­i­cal Mod­el­ing in Envi­ron­men­tal Sciences

    • Math­e­mat­i­cal Mod­el­ing in Ecology
    • Pop­u­la­tion Dynamics
    • Mod­el­ing of Marine Environment
    • Mod­el­ing of Sand Dune Migration

    Math­e­mat­ics Education

    • Strate­gies in Math­e­mat­ics Education
    • Edu­ca­tional Statistics
    • Active Learn­ing
    • Use of Tech­nol­ogy in Teaching


    • Math­e­mat­i­cal Biology
    • Bio­sta­tis­tics
    • Envi­ron­men­tal Statistics
    • Med­ical Statistics

    Finan­cial Mathematics

    • Finan­cial Mathematics
    • Mod­el­ling of Finan­cial Derivatives
    • Finan­cial Options
    • Man­age­ment Science

    Abstracts should be sent as in tem­plate files fol­low­ing: template.docx or template.pdf

    Pub­li­ca­tion Opportunities

    All pre­sented paper’s abstracts will be pub­lished in the con­fer­ence pro­ceed­ing. More­over, selected and peer review arti­cles will be pub­lished in the fol­low­ing journals:

    starting: ending: 28.08.2014 Location: , Category:


    Conference START 28.08.2014 END

    All deadlines have expired!

    This conference has no more open deadlines. There may be successive conferences coming up you may by interested in.

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