35th Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) 2014

  • Conference Call
  • The Inter­na­tional Soci­ety for Clin­i­cal Bio­sta­tis­tics (ISCB) is kindly invit­ing you to par­tic­i­pate in their 35th Annual Con­fer­ence 2014, held August 24 – 28, 2014 in Vienna, Aus­tria.

    It is the first time that an ISCB con­fer­ence will take place in Vienna, Aus­tria. The venue is Vienna’s main Uni­ver­sity build­ing with arcades full of busts of famous schol­ars, who had taught here in past cen­turies. They remind us of Vienna’s long tra­di­tion, not only in Music and Arts, but also in Sci­ence, and Med­i­cine. The cur­rent build­ing of 1865 has a nice green yard, ideal for sci­en­tific exchanges in relaxed atmos­phere. Shady parks (Rathaus­park) and rose gar­dens (Volks­garten) are close. Fur­ther­more, many of Vienna’s numer­ous sights are within walk­ing dis­tance from the venue. Explore, why Vienna has been such an inspir­ing place for cen­turies, and still is ranked top in the annual Mer­cer Qual­ity of Liv­ing Sur­veys of 221 cities on this globe!

    The tra­di­tional excur­sions on Tues­day, as well as pre– and post-​conference trips will per­mit to get a deeper knowl­edge and under­stand­ing of Vienna, of Aus­tria, and also of our close neigh­bours; browse this web­site for var­i­ous sug­ges­tions. The optional con­fer­ence din­ner will take place in one of Vienna’s finest his­toric 19th cen­tury palaces, the Palais Fer­s­tel, with live Vien­nese ballroom-​music and dancing.

    Like pre­vi­ous annual con­fer­ences of ISCB the 2014 con­fer­ence will pro­vide a sci­en­tific forum for inter­na­tional exchange of the­ory, meth­ods and appli­ca­tions of bio­sta­tis­tics in med­ical research and prac­tice among clin­i­cians, sta­tis­ti­cians and mem­bers of other dis­ci­plines, such as epi­demi­ol­o­gists, clin­i­cal chemists and clin­i­cal phar­ma­col­o­gists, work­ing or inter­ested in the field of clin­i­cal bio­sta­tis­tics. The sci­en­tific pro­gramme com­mit­tee has already defined the main top­ics for the conference.

    Sci­en­tific Topics


    • Design and analy­sis of clin­i­cal trials
    • Method­olog­i­cal issues and case stud­ies in epidemiology
    • Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal sta­tis­tics and reg­u­la­tory issues
    • Bayesian meth­ods in biostatistics
    • Sur­vival analy­sis, mul­ti­state mod­els and com­pet­ing risks
    • Lon­gi­tu­di­nal data analysis
    • Meth­ods for han­dling miss­ing data
    • Sta­tis­ti­cal meth­ods for sys­tems biol­ogy and genetics

    More specialized

    • Devel­op­ment and val­i­da­tion of clin­i­cal pre­dic­tion models
    • Diag­nos­tic studies
    • Adap­tive and dynamic treat­ment strategies
    • Novel designs and meth­ods for simulations
    • Mod­el­ing infec­tious diseases
    • Obser­va­tional stud­ies and causal infer­ence methods
    • Meta-​analysis and net­work meta-​analysis
    • Com­par­a­tive effec­tive­ness and out­comes research
    • Penal­ized meth­ods in high– and in low-​dimensional regres­sion analyses
    • Phar­ma­coepi­demi­ol­ogy and drug development
    • Sta­tis­ti­cal inter­ac­tions: esti­ma­tion and testing
    • Prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ences with tar­geted ther­apy studies
    • Issues in mul­ti­ple testing
    • Soft­ware aspects of effi­cient sta­tis­ti­cal analyses


    Invited Sessions

    President’s Invited Speaker

    Thomas A. Louis (USA)

    Invited Sessions

    • Evi­dence base for inte­grated care path­ways from EHRs (Els Goet­ghe­beur, B)
    • Sta­tis­ti­cal meth­ods for the inte­grated analy­sis of mul­ti­ple –omics datasets (Axel Ben­ner and Manuela Zuck­nick, D)
    • New meth­ods to con­trol for unob­served con­found­ing (Michal Abra­hamow­icz, CAN)
    • Inverse prob­a­bil­ity weight­ing tech­niques (Ronald Geskus, NL, and Karen Lef­fon­dré, F)
    • Pre­dic­tion to sup­port Clin­i­cal Deci­sion Mak­ing (Alessan­dra Nardi, I)
    • Beyond R pack­ages: get­ting our meth­ods into stan­dard soft­ware (Georg Heinze, A)

    Panel discussion

    • EMA’s ini­tia­tive to pub­lish clin­i­cal tri­als data (Mar­tin Posch, A)

    Pre-​conference Courses


    • Han­dling miss­ing out­come data in ran­domised tri­als (Ian White and Shaun Sea­man, UK)
    • Com­pet­ing risks and multi-​state mod­els (Ronald Geskus and Hein Put­ter, NL)


    • Sta­tis­ti­cians in Data Mon­i­tor­ing Com­mit­tees (Thomas Jaki and Lisa Hamp­son, UK)
    • Analy­sis of recur­rent or clus­ter sur­vival data using reduced or joined frailty mod­els (Vir­ginie Ron­deau, F)
    • Inter­ac­tions analy­sis (Tyler Van­der­Weele, USA)
    • Sta­tis­ti­cal meth­ods in Sys­tems Med­i­cine (tba)

    ISCB Awards

    ISCB Stu­dent Con­fer­ence Award

    The Stu­dent Con­fer­ence Award is avail­able for reg­is­tered post­grad­u­ate stu­dents to attend and present a paper at the 35th ISCB Meet­ing in Vienna, Aus­tria, dur­ing 24 — 28 August 2014. Three awards will be made. Selec­tion will be made based on an abstract and a sum­mary of a paper to be pre­sented, which should illus­trate appli­ca­tion of sta­tis­ti­cal method­ol­ogy to clin­i­cal or epi­demi­o­log­i­cal research. Results of par­tic­u­lar stud­ies are of inter­est only if the analy­sis has method­olog­i­cal impli­ca­tions or shows a novel and inter­est­ing appli­ca­tion of biostatistics.


    Con­fer­ence Awards for Sci­en­tists

    The ISCB Con­fer­ence Awards for Sci­en­tists (CAS) are avail­able to bio­sta­tis­ti­cians from the coun­tries under­de­vel­oped in clin­i­cal bio­sta­tis­tics to attend the Annual Con­fer­ence and present a paper there. Up to six CAS awards may be granted.
    Only orig­i­nal con­tri­bu­tions, not pre­vi­ously pre­sented or pub­lished before the time of the appli­ca­tion will be con­sid­ered. Also, the appli­ca­tions with purely the­o­ret­i­cal con­tent or those rep­re­sent­ing mere rou­tine analy­ses of data sets are not encour­aged by the ISCB.

    The CAS award con­sists of a free accom­mo­da­tion, a free sub­scrip­tion to one short course selected by the appli­cant, a free con­fer­ence reg­is­tra­tion and the Con­fer­ence Din­ner invi­ta­tion spon­sored by the ISCB. The first-​time par­tic­i­pants can also apply for the travel sup­port. Max­i­mum one travel sup­port will be granted.

    Sci­en­tists should sub­mit their com­pleted appli­ca­tion form, a one-​page abstract and a full poster or paper/​presentation.

    Abstracts not granted the CAS award will be eli­gi­ble for an inde­pen­dent review by the 2014 Sci­en­tific Pro­gramme Com­mit­tee (SPC). Abstracts will be for­warded to the SPC only at the spe­cific request of the applicant.

    Cau­tion: The authors of the abstracts not granted the CAS award that will have been accepted by the SPC for the pre­sen­ta­tion at the ISCB2014 in Aus­tria shall not be eli­gi­ble for addi­tional ISCB support.


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