31st World Congress of Internal Medicine 2012

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    I feel very pleased and honoured to issue this invitation to all internal medicine supporters worldwide and to all specialists within the sundry adult medicine disciplines/fields to attend the XXXI Internal Medicine World Congress scheduled to take place in Santiago, Chile from 11 to 15 November 2012.

    This invitation is issued on behalf of the Santiago Medical Society, the Chilean Society of Internal Medicine, its regional organisations based throughout Chile and its related medical specialities. Indeed, and in line with the ISIM statutes, our main purpose when issuing this invitation is to advocate the dissemination and promotion of an updated knowledge concerning this key medical discipline as well as encouraging an open dialogue and a strong camaraderie feeling amid all the colleagues that will be in attendance from all latitudes.  

    With a view to highlighting the event’s scientific integration role and its holistic vision of mankind, we have chosen its motto to read as “Internal medicine, art and science in the third millennium”. Furthermore, we believe that the above motto ensures its role becomes essential on account of its coordination function and responsibility in providing tertiary health care. Further to the point, it ensures our discipline’s resolution efficiency continues to be valid in providing primary and secondary health care in areas where there is a distinct lack of sub specialists or where the population segments in need of such are far too demanding.  It follows therefore that the subjects for this XXXI congress must address our knowledge updating needs which are steadily stemming from research and clinical work concerned with adult medicine disciplines and areas. Last but not least, at this event we need to highlight also the humanistic and bioethical aspects to be observed in a globalised world.

    The organization of this event has official support as well as it enjoys the support of the Chilean airline (Línea Aérea Nacional - LAN Chile) as well as commercial and travel agencies alike. As regards the timing of the event, we have selected the month of November when the manifestations of spring in Chile would have lavishly translated into beautiful scenery combined with mild and stable climatic conditions. We believe that Chile has the infrastructure, hotel accommodation, geographical beauty and first-class communication systems that will ensure this congress indeed becomes an unforgettable experience to all our visitors. 

    Dr. Félix Muñoz Cantó, Chairman Executive Committee, XXXI Internal Medicine World Congress

    Conference Topics

    • Research, science and innovation
    • Clinical updates
    • Scientific, technological and therapeutic advances
    • World and regional morbidity
    • World and regional research in new diseases
    • Critical care medicine
    • Medical education seminar
    • Medical ethics
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