3rd SDIWC International Conference on Information Security and Cyber Forensics (INFOSEC) 2017

  • Conference Call
  • You are invited to par­tic­i­pate in The Third Inter­na­tional Con­fer­ence on Infor­ma­tion Secu­rity and Cyber Foren­sics (INFOSEC2017) that will be held in Bratislava, Slo­va­kia on June 29-July 1, 2017. The event will be held over three days, with pre­sen­ta­tions deliv­ered by researchers from the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity, includ­ing pre­sen­ta­tions from keynote speak­ers and state-​of-​the-​art lectures.

    Keynote Speaker

    Spe­cial Session

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    The con­fer­ence wel­comes papers on the fol­low­ing research top­ics and any other related top­ics in var­i­ous sim­i­lar dis­ci­plines may be considered:

    Cyber Security

    • Dis­trib­uted and Per­va­sive Sys­tems Security
    • Enter­prise Sys­tems Security
    • For­mal Meth­ods Appli­ca­tion in Security
    • Hardware-​Based security
    • Inci­dent Han­dling and Pen­e­tra­tion Testing
    • Legal Issues
    • Mul­ti­me­dia and Doc­u­ment Security
    • Oper­at­ing Sys­tems and Data­base Security
    • Pri­vacy Issues
    • SCADA and Embed­ded sys­tems security
    • Secure Soft­ware Devel­op­ment, Archi­tec­ture and Outsourcing
    • Secu­rity for Future Networks
    • Secu­rity in Cloud Computing
    • Secu­rity in Social Networks
    • Secu­rity of Web-​based Appli­ca­tions and Services
    • Secu­rity protocols
    • VOIP, Wire­less and Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions Net­work Security

    Dig­i­tal Forensic

    • Anti-​Forensics and Anti-​Forensics Techniques
    • Cyber-​Crimes
    • Data leak­age, Data pro­tec­tion and Data­base forensics
    • Evi­den­tiary Aspects of Dig­i­tal Forensics
    • Exe­cutable Con­tent and Con­tent Filtering
    • File Sys­tem and Mem­ory Analy­sis Mul­ti­me­dia Forensic
    • Foren­sics of Vir­tual and Cloud Environments
    • Infor­ma­tion Hiding
    • Inves­ti­ga­tion of Insider Attacks
    • Large-​Scale Investigations
    • Mal­ware Foren­sics and Anti-​Malware techniques
    • Net­work Foren­sics and Traf­fic Analy­sis Hard­ware Vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties and Device Forensics
    • New threats and Non-​Traditional Approaches

    Infor­ma­tion Assur­ance and Secu­rity Management

    • Busi­ness Con­ti­nu­ity & Dis­as­ter Recov­ery Planning
    • Cor­po­rate Governance
    • Crit­i­cal Infra­struc­ture Protection
    • Decid­abil­ity and Complexity
    • Dig­i­tal Rights Man­age­ment and Intel­lec­tual Prop­erty Protection
    • Eco­nom­ics of Security
    • Fraud Man­age­ment
    • Iden­tity Management
    • Laws and Regulations
    • Secu­rity Poli­cies and Trust Management
    • Threats, Vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties, and Risk Management

    Cyber Peace­fare and Phys­i­cal Security

    • Authen­ti­ca­tion and Access Con­trol Systems
    • Bio­met­rics Applications
    • Bio­met­rics stan­dards and standardization
    • Cyber Peace­fare Trends and Approaches
    • Elec­tronic Pass­ports, National ID and Smart Card Security
    • New the­o­ries and algo­rithms in biometrics
    • Social Engi­neer­ing
    • Sur­veil­lance Systems
    • Tem­plate Pro­tec­tion and Live­li­ness Detection

    Pub­li­ca­tion Opportunities

    All sub­mit­ted papers will be reviewed by a min­i­mum of two review­ers. The con­fer­ence uses double-​blind review by at least two review­ers, which means that both the reviewer and author iden­ti­ties are con­cealed from the review­ers, and vice versa, through­out the review process. To facil­i­tate this, authors need to ensure that their man­u­scripts are pre­pared in a way that does not give away their identity.

    All reg­is­tered papers will be pub­lished in SDIWC Dig­i­tal Library, and in the pro­ceed­ings of the con­fer­ence. The pub­lished pro­ceed­ings will be indexed in Research­Bib, Pro­Quest, Acad­e­mia, Research­Gate, Scirus, and Google Scholar Data­bases, in addi­tion they will be sub­mit­ted for POS­SI­BLE inclu­sion within the INSPEC, EI, DBLP and Microsoft Aca­d­e­mic Research, ALL reg­is­tered papers will be pub­lished in one of the fol­low­ing spe­cial issues pro­vided that the author do major improve­ments and exten­sion within the time frame that will be set by the con­fer­ence and his/​her paper is approved by the chief editor.

    Pro­gram Committees

    Gen­eral Chair

    • Dusan Soltes – Come­nius Uni­ver­sity at Bratislava, Slovakia

    Pro­gram Chair

    • Jacek Stando – Lodz Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy, Poland

    Pro­gram Co-​Chair

    • Eka­te­rina Pshe­hot­skaya – Moscow Poly­tech­nic Uni­ver­sity, Russia

    Pub­li­ca­tion Chair

    • Yoshiro Imai – Kagawa Uni­ver­sity, Japan

    Pub­lic­ity Chair

    • Jonathan Dunne – Maynooth Uni­ver­sity, Ireland

    Inter­na­tional Pro­gram Committee

    • Alireza Jahani – MehrAl­borz Uni­ver­sity, Iran
    • Chan­drashekhar Meshram – R.D. Uni­ver­sity, India
    • Dar­iusz Jacek Jakobczak – Kosza­lin Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy, Poland
    • Eka­te­rina Pshe­hot­skaya – Moscow Poly­tech­nic Uni­ver­sity, Russia
    • Elsa Estevez – United Nations Uni­ver­sity, Argentina
    • Harco Leslie Hen­dric Spits Warnars – Bina Nusan­tara Uni­ver­sity, Indonesia
    • Hatem Had­dad – Uni­ver­sité Libre de Brux­elles, Belgium
    • Haziq Jee­lani – Gal­go­tias Uni­ver­sity, India
    • Isamu Shioya – Hosei Uni­ver­sity, Japan
    • Jonathan Dunne – Maynooth Uni­ver­sity, Ireland
    • Jyri Raja­maki – Lau­rea Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences, Finland
    • Ke Liao – Kansas Med­ical Uni­ver­sity, USA
    • Liviu Octa­vian Mafteiu-​Scai – West Uni­ver­sity of Timisoara, Romania
    • Lorena Ila­gan – Uni­ver­sity of Per­pet­ual Help, Philippines
    • M.R. Moham­mad Taheri – Islamic Azad Uni­ver­sity, United Arab Emirates
    • Manolo Hina – ECE Paris, France
    • Mohamed Fer­rag – Guelma Uni­ver­sity, Algeria
    • Moham­mad Shukri Salman – The Amer­i­can Uni­ver­sity of the Mid­dle East, Kuwait
    • Mourad Henchiri – Uni­ver­sity of Nizwa, Oman
    • Muham­mad Ehsan Rana – Asia Pacific Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy & Inno­va­tion (APU), Malaysia
    • Nazih Moubayed – Lebanese Uni­ver­sity, Lebanon
    • Pasquina Cam­panella – Uni­ver­sity of Bari, Italy
    • Rochelle Pacio – PKFokam Insti­tute of Excel­lence, Cameroon
    • Wu-​Chen Su – Uni­ver­sity of Ken­tucky, USA
    • Yoshiro Imai – Kagawa Uni­ver­sity, Japan
    • Zhan Liu – The Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences and Arts West­ern Switzer­land (HES-​SO Valais-​Wallis), Switzerland
    • Zhou Yimin – Chi­nese Acad­emy of Sci­ence, China
    • Zuriati Zukar­nain – Uni­ver­siti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
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