3rd EMBO Conference on Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI) 2016 Heidelberg

  • Conference Call
  • The 3rd EMBO Con­fer­ence on Visu­al­iz­ing Bio­log­i­cal Data (VIZBI 2016) — also the 7th inter­na­tional meet­ing on this topic — will be held 911 March 2016 at the Euro­pean Mol­e­c­u­lar Biol­ogy Lab­o­ra­tory (EMBL) in Hei­del­berg in Ger­many. VIZBI brings together sci­en­tists, illus­tra­tors, and design­ers actively using or devel­op­ing com­pu­ta­tional visu­al­iza­tion to study a diverse range of bio­log­i­cal data.

    The con­fer­ence fea­tures 21 invited talks that will review the state-​of-​the-​art and chal­lenges in visu­al­iz­ing data from genomes, tran­scripts, pro­teins, cells, organ­isms, and pop­u­la­tions. Prior to the meet­ing (Tues­day, 8 March), there will also be tuto­ri­als on sev­eral visu­al­iza­tion tools.


    • Kwan-​Liu MaUC Davis, USA: “Data visu­al­iza­tion meth­ods” (09÷03÷2016)
    • Gaël McGill – Digizyme & Har­vard U., USA: “Com­mu­ni­ca­tion” (10÷03÷2016)
    • Fred Brooks – UNC-​Chapel Hill, USA: “Usabil­ity & com­puter inter­faces” (11÷03÷2016)
    • Erez Lieber­man – Aiden Bay­lor Col­lege of Med­i­cine, USA: “3D genomes” (09÷03÷2016)
    • Ann LoraineUNC Char­lotte, USA: “Genome brows­ing” (09÷03÷2016)
    • Hen­drik Dietz – T.U. Munchen, Ger­many: “DNA devices” (09÷03÷2016)
    • Sarah Teich­mannEMBL-​EBI & LMB, UK: “Expres­sion reg­u­la­tion” (09÷03÷2016)
    • Judith ZauggEMBL Hei­del­berg, Ger­many: “Tran­scrip­tion & dis­ease” (09÷03÷2016)
    • Fab­rice Jossinet – U. Stras­bourg, France: “RNA struc­ture” (09÷03÷2016)
    • Frauke GräterHITS, Ger­many: “Pro­tein mech­a­nisms” (10÷03÷2016)
    • Mon­ica Zoppè – Natl. Research Coun­cil, Italy: “Pro­tein mech­a­nisms” (10÷03÷2016)
    • Gra­ham John­sonUCSF, USA: “Pro­teins & mesoscale data” (10÷03÷2016)
    • Chris­t­ian StolteCSIRO, Aus­tralia: “Aquaria” (10÷03÷2016)
    • David James – U. Syd­ney, Aus­tralia: “Inte­grated omics data” (10÷03÷2016)
    • Hiroaki KitanoSBI, Japan: “Cel­lu­lar sys­tems” (10÷03÷2016)
    • Jason Swed­low – U. Dundee, UK: “Cel­lu­lar imag­ing” (10÷03÷2016)
    • Paula Mur­phy – Trin­ity Col­lege, Ire­land: “Devel­op­ment” (11÷03÷2016)
    • Katja Büh­ler – VRVis, Aus­tria: “Phys­i­ol­ogy & func­tion” (11÷03÷2016)
    • Hao Li – U. S. Cal­i­for­nia, USA: “Tis­sues & motion cap­ture” (11÷03÷2016)
    • Samuel PaynePNNL, USA: “Active Data Can­vas” (11÷03÷2016)
    • John LaSalleCSIRO, Aus­tralia: “Bio­log­i­cal col­lec­tions” (11÷03÷2016)
    • Dawn FieldCEH, UK: “Visu­al­is­ing ecosys­tems” (11÷03÷2016)
    • Rob Beiko – U. Dal­housie, Canada: “Phy­lo­geog­ra­phy & biome-​geography” (11÷03÷2016)

    Poster Ses­sion and Submission

    All con­fer­ence par­tic­i­pants have the oppor­tu­nity to present a sci­en­tific poster describ­ing their work on visu­al­iz­ing bio­log­i­cal data. Imme­di­ately prior to your poster ses­sion will be a ‘Light­ning talk’ ses­sion, where you have 60 sec­onds to intro­duce your­self and your work to all VIZBI participants.

    In addi­tion, each par­tic­i­pant is invited to upload one artistically-​inspired image, which will be pre­sented dur­ing the Art & Biol­ogy event (Thurs­day evening). Through­out that evening, the Art & Biol­ogy posters will be dis­played on mon­i­tors, and then pub­lished on the website.

    To present a poster, please reg­is­ter for the con­fer­ence. You will then receive a con­fir­ma­tion email con­tain­ing a link to the poster upload page, where you can upload your poster, an abstract, and your Light­ning talk. Your sci­en­tific poster and abstract will be pub­lished via the VIZBI poster pages just prior to the con­fer­ence. Dur­ing the poster ses­sions you will be pro­vided with space for a printed poster and a table for lap­top pre­sen­ta­tions; a lim­ited num­ber of large LED dis­plays are also available.

    Tuto­r­ial Reg­is­tra­tion & Payment

    The VIZBI Tuto­r­ial day takes place the day before the VIZBI con­fer­ence. You can reg­is­ter for up to two tuto­ri­als — one from each of the morn­ing and after­noon ses­sions. Reg­is­tra­tion for each tuto­r­ial costs 100 euros.

    ISCB Dis­count

    Mem­bers of the Inter­na­tional Soci­ety for Com­pu­ta­tional Biol­ogy (ISCB) receive a 15% reg­is­tra­tion dis­count. We heartily encour­age VIZBI 2016 par­tic­i­pants to con­sider join­ing before reg­is­ter­ing, to receive the dis­count and addi­tional benefits.

    EMBL Cor­po­rate Part­ner­ship Pro­gramme Fellowships

    A lim­ited num­ber of EMBL Advanced Train­ing Cen­tre Cor­po­rate Part­ner­ship Pro­gramme (CPP) fel­low­ships are avail­able for this meet­ing in the form of both Reg­is­tra­tion Fee Waivers and Travel Grants. You may apply for an EMBL CPP Reg­is­tra­tion Fee Waiver and/​or Travel Grant when sub­mit­ting your abstract. Whilst sub­mit­ting your abstract (Step 2 after you have reg­is­tered your per­sonal details) you will also be asked to com­plete a field with the name of your lab and the coun­try in which it is based, and to answer some ques­tions to detail your rea­sons for request­ing this fel­low­ship. A state­ment of sup­port from your bud­get hold­ing super­vi­sor explain­ing a) their sup­port for your atten­dance and b) sup­port pro­vided by the lab­o­ra­tory bud­get is required to com­plete the application.

    The fol­low­ing fel­low­ships are available:

    • Reg­is­tra­tion Fee Waiver: The sum that you have paid to attend the meet­ing will be reimbursed.
    • Travel Grant: Up to €400 for par­tic­i­pants trav­el­ling from the Euro­pean con­ti­nent and up to €1000 for par­tic­i­pants trav­el­ling from out­side Europe (receipts of travel will be sub­mit­ted to the EMBL Course and Con­fer­ence Office and the exact sum for travel expenses up to the cap will be reimbursed).

    Par­tic­i­pants com­ing from the fol­low­ing coun­tries will be given pri­or­ity: Alba­nia, Arme­nia, Azer­bai­jan, Bul­garia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herze­gov­ina, Czech Repub­lic, Cyprus, Esto­nia, Geor­gia, Hun­gary, Kaza­khstan, Kosovo, Kyr­gyzs­tan, Lithua­nia, Mace­do­nia, Malta, Moldova, Mon­tene­gro, Poland, Roma­nia, Rus­sia, Slo­va­kia, Slove­nia, Ser­bia, Ukraine and Turkey. Africa, South and Cen­tral Amer­ica and Asia (ex. China, Japan, Sin­ga­pore, and South Korea).



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