2nd International Workshop on Rack-scale Computing (WRSC) 2015

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  • Microsoft Research is kindly inviting you to participate in the 2nd International Workshop on Rack-​scale Computing (WRSC), to be held on April 21, 2015 in Talence, France. WRSC 2015 is co-​located with EuroSys 2015.

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    Technologies such as systems-​on-​chip (SoCs), distributed switching fabrics, silicon photonics, and programmable hardware are enabling high density designs with very high bandwidth and low latency communication at the scale of a rack. In the near future, we expect to see “rack-​scale computers” with 1,000s of cores and terabytes of memory, connected with bandwidth and latency comparable to today’s smaller-​scale NUMA servers. These architectures are being driven by the need to increase density and connectivity between servers while lowering cost and power consumption. Early examples of these platforms have already appeared on the market from manufactures such as AMD SeaMicro, HP, and Intel and similar solutions are being deployed at large-​scale companies such as Facebook and Microsoft


    These new architectures challenge traditional assumptions and raise several interesting research questions. For example:

    • Should we think of these rack-​scale units as shared-​memory machines, as distributed systems, or both?
    • What is the interconnect topology for a rack-​scale computer?
    • Which parts of the communication stack should be implemented in hardware versus software?
    • What are the correct failure models and fault-​tolerant designs?
    • How should we integrate rack-​scale computers into data center networks?
    • What new tools are needed to assist system designers?
    • How can researchers effectively prototype and test novel ideas in this space?

    The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners spanning the hardware, networking, storage, systems, and application domains, to discuss innovative designs and implementations for these new architectures. We especially welcome cross-​layer and hardware-​software co-​design approaches and encourage early-​stage but potentially ground-​breaking research ideas rather than descriptions of completed work.


    We invite submissions on any aspects of rack-​scale computers, including (but not limited to):

    • System-​on-​chip (SoC) and Network-​on-​chip (NoC) designs
    • Fabric interconnect topologies
    • Routing and congestion control
    • OS design and implementation
    • Energy efficiency
    • Programmable hardware
    • Hardware-​software co-​design
    • Optical interconnects and switching
    • Application design
    • Memory and storage hierarchy and access
    • Compute and memory disaggregation
    • QoS and virtualization

    There will not be formal proceedings, so submission of already published work is accepted. However, preference will be given to talks describing novel, possibly preliminary, work, which are likely to trigger engaging discussions during the workshop. Position or visionary talks are welcome too.

    Authors of accepted talks will also be given the option to present their poster and/​or demo in the EuroSys’15 joint poster session.

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