2nd International IBM Cloud Academy Conference (ICA CON) 2014

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  • ICA CON 2014, the 2nd Inter­na­tional IBM Cloud Acad­emy Con­fer­ence in Atlanta, Geor­gia, will pro­vide an excit­ing oppor­tu­nity for edu­ca­tors and researchers to share ideas and expe­ri­ences in cloud com­put­ing. The con­fer­ence is open to both K-​12 and higher edu­ca­tion insti­tu­tions already imple­ment­ing cloud tech­nolo­gies and ser­vices, or con­sid­er­ing doing so.

    The pro­gram will be derived from the ref­er­eed review of pro­pos­als, presently envi­sioned to include invited keynotes, tech­ni­cal papers, posi­tion papers, work­shops and a tech­nol­ogy show­case. The tech­ni­cal papers por­tion of the con­fer­ence pro­gram will fea­ture expe­ri­ence reports and orig­i­nal research papers. The tech­nol­ogy show­case will fea­ture poster pre­sen­ta­tions and demon­stra­tions on cloud com­put­ing research or imple­men­ta­tions in progress. Selected papers from con­fer­ence pro­ceed­ings will be pub­lished as a spe­cial edi­tion of the Inter­na­tional Jour­nal of Cloud Com­put­ing IJCC.

    We are excited that Geor­gia State Uni­ver­sity (GSU), as a char­ter mem­ber of the IBM Cloud Acad­emy, will be host­ing this 2nd Inter­na­tional IBM Cloud Acad­emy Con­fer­ence in 2014 on May 8 – 9, 2014 at the Helen M. Ader­hold Learn­ing Cen­ter. ICA CON 2014 will be an excel­lent venue pre­sent­ing orig­i­nal work, exchang­ing new ideas, embrac­ing cloud tech­nolo­gies, for shar­ing results and expe­ri­ences, and net­work­ing with other lead­ing insti­tu­tions glob­ally who are also already imple­ment­ing cloud solutions.

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    We invite sub­mis­sion of papers /​pre­sen­ta­tions or posters on the use of cloud com­put­ing for edu­ca­tional and research pur­poses. Of par­tic­u­lar inter­est will be sub­mis­sions fea­tur­ing orig­i­nal research or expe­ri­ence reports that address how the tran­si­tion to cloud com­put­ing is help­ing to trans­form edu­ca­tion. The lat­ter is intended to facil­i­tate the shar­ing of best prac­tices with real-​world exam­ples illus­trat­ing improve­ments in qual­ity, out­comes, lessons learned and return-​on-​investment.

    A range of top­ics rel­e­vant to cloud com­put­ing in edu­ca­tion and research will be con­sid­ered. Here are some areas to show the range of inter­ests and possibilities:

    Cloud Com­put­ing Imple­men­ta­tion Strategies

    • Build­ing Green Data Centers
    • Data Cen­ter migra­tion to cloud computing
    • Energy Man­age­ment Considerations
    • Inte­gra­tion and work­flow of cloud services
    • Impact on IT Infra­struc­ture Man­age­ment with cloud computing
    • IT Ser­vice and Rela­tion­ship Man­age­ment (Busi­ness and IT)
    • Ser­vice Ori­ented Archi­tec­ture and cloud computing
    • Soft­ware devel­op­ment ser­vices with cloud computing

    Data Man­age­ment and Ana­lyt­ics on the Cloud

    • Busi­ness Intel­li­gence for edu­ca­tion and research pur­poses using cloud computing
    • Ana­lyt­ics and pre­dic­tive ana­lyt­ics in cloud environments
    • Big Data in clouds
    • Stor­age man­age­ment and clouds

    Insti­tu­tional Strat­egy and Plan­ning for Cloud Computing

    • Build­ing the institution’s future infra­struc­ture on a cloud
    • Cul­ture change chal­lenges in tran­si­tion­ing to cloud computing
    • Eco­nomic Mod­els of, and Eco­nomic Devel­op­ment through, Cloud Computing
    • Finan­cial impact and ben­e­fits of cloud computing
    • Roadmap for adop­tion, inte­gra­tion and tran­si­tion to cloud computing

    Research Com­put­ing in the Cloud

    • High Per­for­mance Com­put­ing and cloud computing
    • Research com­put­ing mod­els using cloud computing

    Ped­a­gog­i­cal Impact of Cloud Computing

    • Impact on learn­ing and teach­ing with cloud computing
    • Deliv­er­ing edu­ca­tional resources via a cloud
    • New and Inno­v­a­tive Ped­a­gog­i­cal Approaches with cloud
    • Ser­vice Sci­ences, Man­age­ment and Engi­neer­ing (SSME)

    Stan­dards and Open Source Strate­gies for Cloud Computing

    • Inno­va­tions in IP (espe­cially as relates to Open Source)
    • Open stan­dards for cloud computing

    Sys­tems Man­age­ment in a Cloud Com­put­ing Environment

    • Ser­vice level agree­ments and clouds
    • Secu­rity, iden­tity, trust and pri­vacy on clouds
    • Soft­ware licens­ing in edu­ca­tion for cloud computing

    User Pro­duc­tiv­ity with Cloud Computing

    • Col­lab­o­ra­tion using cloud computing
    • Enhanc­ing acces­si­bil­ity through cloud services
    • Work­loads and Use Cases of cloud for edu­ca­tion and research

    Review Pro­ce­dure /​Pub­li­ca­tion Opportunity

    All sub­mis­sions will be peer reviewed by appro­pri­ate domain experts among those listed on the Pro­gram Com­mit­tee.. The review­ers know that the ICA CON 2014 con­fer­ence aims to pro­duce inno­v­a­tive as well as qual­ity work, and that authors of selected papers /​pre­sen­ta­tions will be selected and invited to have work pub­lished in a spe­cial issue of the Inter­na­tional Jour­nal of Cloud Com­put­ing /​IJCC.

    Pro­gram Co-​Chairs and Steer­ing Committee

    • Yi Pan *, Geor­gia State Uni­ver­sity (GSU)
    • Yan­nis Vin­i­o­tis, North Car­olina State Uni­ver­sity (NCSU)
    • Alisha Mal­loy**, North Car­olina Cen­tral Uni­ver­sity (NCCU)
    • Yelena Yesha, Uni­ver­sity of Mary­land Bal­ti­more County (UMBC)
    • Chris Bern­brock, IBM
    • Paul Kon­to­gior­gis, IBM
    • Andy Rindos *, IBM

    * Pro­ceed­ings Co-​Chairs as well
    ** Reg­is­tra­tion Co-​Chair as well

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