2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Biotechnology 2015 Hyderabad

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  • Bright International Conferences & Events Organization invites all academicians, industrialists to attend the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Biotechnology. Biotech-​2015 held during 03 – 04 August, 2015 at Leonia International Centre for Exhibitions & Conventions, Hyderabad, India. The conference theme will focus on “Harnessing the current research in Biotechnology”. Biotech – 2015 is well organized with the support of world class Organizing Committee and Editorial team of International refereed Journals.

    Biotech-​2015 Scope

    2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Biotechnology will strengthen co-​operation between relevant organizations and built networks between scientists, researchers, practitioners, students and business executives from around the world to discuss and share the latest knowledge in latest Science & Technology during this scientific gathering. We are confident that Participants will enjoy the Scientific Program of this upcoming International Conference.

    Abstracts can be submitted on any of the following sessions for presentations to individual interest, but not only limited to them. The intent behind this is to broaden the scope of the meetings by covering new developments. Additionally, abstracts with a primary focus on medicine are greatly encouraged and will be designated in the program as applied sessions. Register now for the conference by choosing an appropriate package suitable to you.

    Conference Topics

    Current Scenario of Biotechnology

    • Worldwide : Current scenario of Biotechnology
    • Instrumentation, tools and technologies
    • Technology transfer in biotechnology

    Biotechnology in Agriculture

    • Tissue culture and plant biotechnology
    • Crop breeding, improvement, protection and management
    • GMOs
    • Plant based medicine, edible vaccines
    • Agricultural engineering and agronomy

    Biotechnology in Health Care

    • Medical biotechnology
    • Novel drug development and drug delivery system
    • Vaccine, Diagnostic and healthcare products
    • Tissue engineering, biomaterial and artificial organ
    • Pharmaco vigilance and pharma regulatory affairs

    Food and Bioprocess Technology

    • Food Microbiology
    • Probiotics
    • Fermented foods, sea foods and dairy products
    • Food Security, safety and Challenges
    • Application of enzymes in bioprocess

    Latest discoveries in Cancer research

    • Epigenetics and noncoding RNA technologies
    • Cancer associated infectious agents detection technologies
    • Clinical and translational epidemiology
    • Organ Cancers
    • Latest technologies in cancer diagnisis
    • Apoptosis

    Animal Biotechnology

    • Transgenic animals: Current scenario and case study
    • Livestock development and poultry
    • Animal bioreactor for vaccine and enzyme production
    • Cell culture methodologies and media design
    • Cell culture and Maintenance
    • Application of cell culture for novel products
    • Culture of mammalian and non– mammalian cells
    • Bio preservation

    Plant Biotechnology

    • Plant tissue culture
    • Transgenic plants: Current scenario
    • Maintenance and manipulation of cell culture
    • Application of cell culture for novel products

    Latest trends in Microbiology

    • Microbial physiology
    • Medical Microbiology and pathology
    • Bacterial Pathogenesis, epidemiology, virulence & countermeasures
    • Microbiology of food, food born diseases and measure
    • Human Viral, bacterial diseases and measures
    • HIV, other retroviral and vector borne diseases
    • Antibiotics and drug discovery

    Genetic engineering

    • Recombinant DNA technology and cloning
    • Human genetic engineering and genome research
    • Genetics syndromes and gene therapy
    • Biosafety and rDNA guidelines
    • Genome sequencing and next generation sequencing
    • Tools and advances in genetic engineering

    Bioinformatics and Biosensors

    • Bio computing and algorithm development
    • MD Simulation and other advanced techniques
    • Omics and metagenomics study
    • Data mining and biological database development
    • Therapeutic applications of biosensors
    • Biosensors and current technology
    • Computer aided drug designing and QSAR study

    Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology

    • Marine natural products and bio molecules
    • Marine drug development
    • Biomass in renewable energy development
    • Biodiesel from algae and other biomass

    Regulatory and Economical Aspects in Biotechnology

    • Biosafety and Bioethics
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Regulatory issues in Biotechnology
    • Future Business Strategies

    Environmental Biotechnology

    • Global Environmental Change and Ecosystem Management
    • Environmental remediation
    • Waste management
    • Sewage treatment
    • Bioremediation & Biodegradation
    • Biodegradation of organic materials by aerobic or anaerobic processes
    • Land, water, air pollution control and management
    • Bio refining and bio processing of crude oils
    • Bioethanol and Biodiesel from Biomass
    • Ecosystem management and restoration techniques
    • Hazardous, medical and solid waste management

    Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

    • Drug discovery and Clinical research
    • Clinical trial and clinical data management
    • Vaccine, Diagnostic and healthcare products
    • Novel drug development and drug delivery system
    • Advances in Bio-​analytical Techniques
    • Pharmaceutical Aspects of Microbial and Cellular Biology
    • Applications of Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Industry

    Stem Cell Research & Therapy

    • Developmental studies of embryonic and tissue specific stem cells
    • Developmental studies of cancer stem cells
    • Stem cell genomes
    • Stem cell translational research
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