27th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF) 2014

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  • The Com­puter Secu­rity Foun­da­tions Sym­po­sium (CSF) is an annual con­fer­ence for researchers in com­puter secu­rity, to exam­ine cur­rent the­o­ries of secu­rity, the for­mal mod­els that pro­vide a con­text for those the­o­ries, and tech­niques for ver­i­fy­ing secu­rity. It was cre­ated in 1988 as a work­shop of the IEEE Com­puter Society’s Tech­ni­cal Com­mit­tee on Secu­rity and Pri­vacy, in response to a 1986 essay by Don Good enti­tled “The Foun­da­tions of Com­puter Secu­rity — We Need Some.” The meet­ing became a “sym­po­sium” in 2007, along with a pol­icy for open, increased atten­dance. Over the past two decades, many sem­i­nal papers and tech­niques have been pre­sented first at CSF. This year’s edi­tion will be held in Vienna, Aus­tria on July 19 – 22, 2014 and is embed­ded in the Vienna Sum­mer of Logic 2014.

    Con­fer­ence Topics

    New results in com­puter secu­rity are wel­come. Pos­si­ble top­ics include, but are not lim­ited to:

    • access con­trol
    • account­abil­ity
    • anonymity
    • authen­ti­ca­tion
    • crit­i­cal infra­struc­ture security
    • cryp­tog­ra­phy
    • data and sys­tem integrity
    • data­base security
    • decid­abil­ity and complexity
    • dis­trib­uted systems
    • elec­tronic voting
    • exe­cutable content
    • for­mal meth­ods and verification
    • game the­ory and deci­sion theory
    • hard­ware– based security
    • humans and com­puter security
    • infor­ma­tion flow
    • intru­sion detection
    • language-​based security
    • net­work security
    • novel insights on attacks
    • pri­vacy
    • prove­nance
    • resource usage control
    • secu­rity for mobile computing
    • secu­rity models
    • secu­rity protocols
    • soft­ware security
    • socio-​technical security
    • trust man­age­ment
    • usable secu­rity
    • web secu­rity

    Spe­cial Sessions

    We strongly encour­age papers in three foun­da­tional areas of research not tra­di­tion­ally rep­re­sented at CSF:

    • AI and Secu­rity (Chairs: Ariel Pro­cac­cia & Ben­jamin Rubin­stein):
      In recent years, a num­ber of com­mu­ni­ties over­lap­ping with AI — notably algo­rith­mic eco­nom­ics and machine learn­ing — have made sig­nif­i­cant for­ays into secu­rity & pri­vacy. This ses­sion aims to col­lect the­o­ret­i­cal view­points on secu­rity & pri­vacy, par­tic­u­larly from researchers across diverse com­mu­ni­ties such as those iden­ti­fy­ing with AAAI/​IJCAI, AAMAS, EC, WEIS, ICML, NIPS, COLT, STOC/​FOCS, S&P, and CCS (includ­ing the AISEC work­shop).

      Papers in the fol­low­ing areas inter­sect­ing with infor­ma­tion secu­rity are highly encour­aged to sub­mit to this spe­cial ses­sion: Eco­nom­ics: Game the­ory, mech­a­nism design, mar­ket design, social choice; Learn­ing: Online learn­ing, robust sta­tis­tics, adver­sar­ial machine learn­ing, privacy-​preserving tech­nolo­gies such as dif­fer­en­tial privacy.
    • Pri­vacy (Chair: Vitaly Shmatikov):
      CSF 2014 will include a spe­cial ses­sion on pri­vacy foun­da­tions and invites sub­mis­sions on def­i­n­i­tions, mod­els, and frame­works for com­mu­ni­ca­tion and data pri­vacy, prin­ci­pled analy­sis of deployed or pro­posed pri­vacy pro­tec­tion mech­a­nisms, and foun­da­tional aspects of prac­ti­cal pri­vacy tech­nolo­gies. Sub­mis­sions inves­ti­gat­ing con­nec­tions between pri­vacy law and pol­icy and com­puter sci­ence are espe­cially encouraged.
    • Usable Secu­rity (Chair: Lujo Bauer):
      It has become accepted that any user-​facing secu­rity tech­nol­ogy or mech­a­nism is unlikely to be secure if it is not usable. Hence, under­stand­ing, mea­sur­ing, and design­ing for usabil­ity are foun­da­tional aspects of build­ing secure sys­tems. CSF 2014 encour­ages sub­mis­sion of papers that describe new results, quan­ti­ta­tive or qual­i­ta­tive, in usabil­ity as it per­tains to secu­rity and pri­vacy. Par­tic­u­larly encour­aged are papers that focus on foun­da­tional aspects of usabil­ity, as well as those whose results gen­er­al­ize beyond a spe­cific envi­ron­ment or system.

    These papers will be reviewed under the super­vi­sion of expert invited ses­sion chairs. They will be pre­sented at the con­fer­ence, and will appear in the CSF pro­ceed­ings with­out any dis­tinc­tion from the other papers.

    Chal­lenges and Vision Papers

    We par­tic­u­larly encour­age challenge/​vision papers, which may describe open ques­tions and raise fun­da­men­tal con­cerns about prac­ti­cal secu­rity. Chal­lenges and/​or vision papers should typ­i­cally iden­tify a real world secu­rity prob­lem, argue why it raises foun­da­tional issues, explain why the cur­rently avail­able and rel­e­vant tech­niques are inad­e­quate for address­ing it, and iden­tify foun­da­tional chal­lenges that have to be addressed to solve the prob­lem. These papers will be pre­sented at the con­fer­ence, and will appear in the CSF pro­ceed­ings with­out any dis­tinc­tion from the other papers.

    Pro­ceed­ings, pub­lished by the IEEE Com­puter Soci­ety Press, will be avail­able at the sym­po­sium, and selected papers will be invited for sub­mis­sion to the Jour­nal of Com­puter Security.

    Invited Speakers

    • Alessan­dro Acquisti – Carnegie Mel­lon University
    • Gilles Barthe – IMDEA Soft­ware Institute
    • Frank Piessens – K.U. Leuven

    Pub­li­ca­tions Chair

    • Deepak Garg – Max Planck Insti­tute for Soft­ware Sys­tems, Germany

    Affil­i­ated workshops

    There will be three work­shops affil­i­ated with CSF 2014:

    • Analy­sis of Secu­rity APIs (ASA7)
    • FCS-​FCC: Joint Work­shop on Foun­da­tions of Com­puter Secu­rity and For­mal and Com­pu­ta­tional Cryptography
    • STAST 2014, 4th Int. Work­shop on Socio-​Technical Aspects in Secu­rity and Trust
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