22nd Biennial European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) Congress

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  • It is a great pleasure to announce that the 22nd Biennial Europaan Association for Cancer Research (EACR) Congress will be held in Barcelona on the 7 - 10 July 2012.

    The Congress is actively supported by the Spanish Association for Cancer Research (ASEICA) and the congress will be held in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, a city with a remarkable reputation for cancer research and cancer care.

    EACR-22 will provide a forum for discussion between scientists working in all fields of cancer research. It will focus on the latest developments in basic and discovery driven translational research, through to personalised cancer treatment.

    EACR congresses are well known for providing an exciting programme that is highly valued by participants. EACR-22 in Barcelona will be no exception. The Congress will offer outstanding plenary lectures complemented by focussed symposia across eighteen topics. There will be opportunities for participants to attend ‘Educational Sessions’ as well as invitations to ‘Meet the Expert’. Posters will be displayed for review and ‘defence’ throughout the congress in the exhibition hall and all participants will be invited to assist in their evaluation.

    Topics for Abstract Submission

    Cell and Tumour Biology

    • Cell Proliferation/cell cycle
    • Cell Death / Autophagy
    • Oncogenes and Tumour Suppressor Genes
    • Tumour Progression: Invasion and Metastasis
    • Metastases and EMT
    • Tumour Microenvironment
    • Tumour Angiogenesis
    • Tumour Immunology AND Inflammation
    • Aging and Cancer
    • Senescence
    • Cancer Cell Metabolism
    • Cancer Initiating Cells / Cancer Stem Cells
    • Tumour heterogeneity

    Cancer Genomics, Epigenetics and Genomic Instability

    • Genomic Alterations in Cancer
    • Functional Genomics
    • Epigenetic mechanisms and RNA
    • Genetic instability
    • Deep sequencing

    Signaling Pathways

    • Receptors and Signal Transduction
    • Gene Expression, Transcriptional Regulation
    • Systems biology
    • Computational models of biological systems
    • Omics technologies


    • Mutagenesis, Carcinogen Metabolism
    • Promotion and Progression
    • DNA Damage and Repair
    • Viral Oncogenesis

    Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology

    • Risk Factors
    • Biomarkers
    • Risk Assessment
    • Susceptibility Genes
    • Genotype / Phenotype Correlations
    • Genetic Polymorphisms and Cancer Susceptibility
    • Epidemiology

    Translational Research

    • Organ Site‐Specific Investigations: Preclinical, Diagnosis, Treatment
    • Molecular pathology
    • Biomarkers with clinical relevance, imaging
    • Prognostic biomarkers of therapy response
    • Prognostic value of oncogenomics
    • Clinical Phase I/II trials with targeted drugs and novel agents
    • Bioinformatics in therapies and clinical trials
    • Animal models of cancer
    • Infrastructures (biobanks, databases, genomic resources, others)

    Experimental / Molecular Therapeutics, Pharmacogenomics

    • Drug Discovery / Drug Design
    • Novel Targets, Delivery Systems
    • Mechanisms of Drug Action, Drug Profiling
    • Drug Resistance
    • Novel Approaches to Diagnosis of Cancer
    • New Therapies
    • Companion diagnostics
    • Personalized medicine

    Tumour Immunology

    • Tumour Immunology
    • Immune Suppression and Escape
    • Tumor antigens and immune effectors
    • Immunotherapy and Cancer Vaccines

    Radiobiology / Radiation Oncology

    • Tumour Cell Sensitization to Radiotherapy
    • Radiation‐activated Signaling Pathways
    • Cell Cycle and Apoptosis in Radiation Responses
    • Radiation Oncology; Preclinical and Clinical
    • Translational radiation research

    Prevention and Early Detection

    • Preclinical Prevention Studies, Markers and Prevention
    • Clinical Prevention Studies
    • Vaccination Against Cancer


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