21st International Federation of Social Science Organizations (IFSSO) General Conference 2013

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  • "The Ways and Means of Living in Peace and Harmony in a Multicultural World"

    Several scholars suggest that the problems that beset us today stem from the abandonment of ethical principles and because of moral degeneration. Although there are giant strides in the realm of science and technology, it would seem that humanity has forgotten the basic principles underlying its existence and has neglected essential human values. People live to acquire and consume more, but have forgotten the ethical and moral needs of human ontology.

    Their homes have grown larger, but families have become smaller and their members have become dispersed. They journey to the depths of space, but have strayed from the paths toward their inner selves. Mass communications encompass all aspects of life, but one’s relations with family and neighbors have become minimal. News channels have multiplied, but there is also a growing skepticism on the reliability of these information sources. Information technology has developed dramatically, but psychological problems, social injustice, global crises, and ecological disasters have also increased.

    How has this happened? Science should have brought about a greater understanding of the human race and the world we live in. It should have contributed to our well-roundedness. Was science misunderstood or misused? Was it utilized solely to serve narrow personal interests and to simply meet material needs? Can the problems that we face be attributed to the absence of faith and spirituality? Is this the reason why many people suffer from loneliness and unhappiness? These questions need to be addressed by social scientists together with other sectors of society. Certainly, there are several agencies and institutions that are doing their part in solving global social problems. However, many of these organizations neglect the psycho-social and spiritual aspect of human development.

    Conference Topics

    It is against this backdrop that the 21st IFSSO General Conference is being organized in Istanbul, Turkey March 27-28, 2013. This international conference aims to gather academics, specialists, and writers of all persuasions from different parts of the world to undertake research on issues and problems that threaten world peace and inter-cultural harmony. Paper presenters are encouraged to share their insights and recommendations that will to contribute to the peace, prosperity, and human happiness.


    Scholars are encouraged to write papers on any of the following topics:

    • Current Situation of the Modern World
    • The Nature of Knowledge and its Utilization for Human Happiness
    • Dimensions and Facets of Morality Based on Faith and Knowledge
    • Sense of Responsibility and Accountability
    • Holistic Approaches to Morality and the Future of Humanity
    • Mutual Assistance, Compassion, and Solidarity
    • Various Crises Afflicting Contemporary Societies and Their Solutions
    • Problems of Racism and Social Injustice, and their Solutions
    • Factors Nurturing a Culture of Violence, and their Solutions
    • The Economics of Solving Human Problems
    • Problems Arising from Modernity and their Solutions
    • Problems Caused by Secularization and Views on their Solution
    • Solutions Related to the Manipulation of Political Problems
    • Solutions to Problems Related to Consumerism
    • Solutions to Problems Brought About by Multicultural Differences
    • Solutions to Problems Stemming from Religious Differences
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