20th WONCA Europe 2015 Congress Istanbul

  • Conference Call
  • The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) is kindly inviting you to participate in the 20th WONCA Europe Congress 2015 which will be held on October 22 – 25, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Conference Theme

    There are three fountains in Ephesus in the House of the Virgin Mary; from one fountain springs prosperity, and health and youth from the others. Being young is inevitable and is a stage of development. But staying young: that’s the real passion. Youthfulness seems to be a passion for one and all, so is it possible that it might be the passion of a discipline too?

    Sometimes, even if it is painful to let go of our habits, change is a necessity for all disciplines. What is really important is that this change goes hand in hand with progress. “I am old enough to remember the disappearance of major surgery from all practices.….. There was a good deal of sadness over this, and morale was low for several years. But it forced us to think about what was essential to being a family doctor and what was not.” says McWhinney in one of his articles. In essence, the dynamics of Family Medicine is based on the relationships with which it defines itself.

    As societies, settings, and problems change, relationships will change as well. It may seem that as Family Medicine ages, it will lose the dynamism which created it. What will our future hold? How will we manage to remain young as a discipline? What are the challenges facing us?

    We invite you to discuss the future of our discipline during the WONCA Europe 2015 Congress in a city which is eternally young: İstanbul…

    We are proud to host you in this lovely city of grand historical sites, abounding natural beauty and a vibrant social life where the cultures of the East meet the West and all beliefs merge. We are looking forward to welcoming you to, not only an intensive and comprehensive scientific program, but also social activities we hope will enrich your visit and make it unforgettable.

    Vasco Da Gama Movement

    Preconference Information

    We are very happy to have you in our preconference with the generous support of your national college of General Practice (GP)/ Family Medicine (FM). The following information will help you to get an idea of what VdGM and VdGM Preconference entails.

    What is the aim of the VdGM Preconference?

    Preconference participants have a great opportunity to get an interesting introduction to the idea of being a GP in a European context and to strengthen the exchange of ideas, experiences and visions. Discussions with colleague-​trainees or new GP’s from all over Europe will widen your perspectives and horizons, as stated in the Mission statement of VdGM.


    Host Organising Committee

    • Okay BASAK – President of Turkish Association of Family Physicians
    • Mehmet UNGAN – Chair of National Scientific Committee
    • Dilek GULDAL – Chair of Host Organizing Committee
    • Resat DABAK – Vicechair of Host Organizing Committee

    National Scientific Committee

    • Mehmet UNGAN – Chair
    • Yesim UNCU – Scientific Secretary
    • Arzu UZUNER – Scientific Secretary
    • Ilhami UNLUOGLU
    • Zekeriya AKTURK – Representative of EQUIP
    • Esra SAATCI – Representative of EURACT
    • Pınar TOPSEVER – Representative of EGPRN
    • Berk GEROGLU – Representative of VdGM
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    Conference Facts

    Location , Address Sütlüce Mah. Eski Karaağaç Cad., Haliç Kongre Merkezi Category Organiser More Info Conference Website

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