2017 Annual European Congress of Clinical Case Reports (EUCCR) Vienna

  • Conference Call
  • The Euro­pean Soci­ety for Trans­la­tional Med­i­cine (EUSTM) and New Hori­zons in Clin­i­cal Case Reports (NHCCR) Jour­nal team cor­dially invites you to attend the 2017 Annual Euro­pean Con­gress of Clin­i­cal Case Reports (EUCCR-​2017) on 89 March, 2017 in Vienna, Aus­tria at the Arco­tel Kaiser­wasser Vienna.

    EUCCR-​2017 will present and dis­cuss lat­est high impact orig­i­nal clin­i­cal research and case reports from all spe­cial­ties of Med­i­cine and Surgery. The con­fer­ence will unite Clin­i­cians, Sur­geons, Researchers, World Lead­ers and Experts from clin­i­cal insti­tu­tions, indus­try and gov­ern­ments. Par­tic­i­pants will also include mem­bers of patient organizations.


    • Keynote Lec­ture: Prof. Thomas Felz­mann “Den­tritic cell base immunother­apy in solid tumors” – Med­ical Uni­ver­sity Vienna, Austria
    • Ple­nary Lec­ture: Dr. Ger­not Kro­n­reif “Advanced Con­cepts for Med­ical Robotic Sys­tems” – Aus­trian Cen­tre for Med­ical Inno­va­tion and Tech­nol­ogy (ACMIT), Wiener Neustadt, Austria
    • Prof. Wolf­gang Kaschka Severe Cog­ni­tive Decline Fol­low­ing Chemother­apy of Breast Can­cer Uni­ver­sity of Ulm, Depart­ment of Psy­chi­a­try I, ZfP Süd­würt­tem­berg Ravens­burg, Germany
    • Prof. Yousuf Almasla­mani: “Donors, now you see them now you don’t” – Hamad Med­ical Cor­po­ra­tion Doha, Qatar
    • Prof. Sara Palermo: “Reduced GO/​NOGO ACC-​sensitive activ­ity in a case of Parkinson’s dis­ease with impulse con­trol dis­or­ders” – Dept. of Neu­ro­science, Uni­ver­sity of Turin, Italy
    • Dr. Mauro Cataldi: “Uti­liza­tion of anti­hy­per­ten­sive drugs in obesity-​related hyper­ten­sion: a ret­ro­spec­tive obser­va­tional study in a cohort of patients from South­ern Italy” – Fed­erico II Uni­ver­sity of Naples, Italy
    • Prof. Anto­nio Fac­chi­ano: “A trans­la­tional approach to iden­tify new mol­e­c­u­lar tar­gets in melanoma and other solid tumors” – Isti­tuto Der­mopatico dell’Immacolata, IDI-​IRCCS, Rome, Italy
    • Prof. Vik­to­ria Weber: “Adjunc­tive Ther­a­pies for Sepsis-​the Need for Ther­ag­nos­tic Approaches” – Danube Uni­ver­sity Krems, Austria
    • Dr. Elien Brouw­ers: “Right Sided Recon­struc­tion of the Heart for Inva­sive Angiosar­coma of the Right Atrium“KU Leu­ven, Belgium
    • Prof. Beat­rice Par­adiso: “The strange case of an age­less and heart­less fetus” – Car­diopathol­ogy Unit, Depart­ment of Car­diac, Tho­racic and Vas­cu­lar Sci­ences, Uni­ver­sity of Padua Med­ical School, Padua, Italy
    • Dr. Laura Bog­nar GERD: “A debated back­ground of acha­la­sia” – Depart­ment of Surgery, Uni­ver­sity of Pécs, Hungary
    • Prof. Jian Xu: “New Hori­zons in Intra­op­er­a­tive Diag­nos­tics of Can­cer in Image and Spec­troscopy Guided Pan­cre­atic Can­cer Surgery” – Louisiana State Uni­ver­sity, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
    • Dr. FI Vos: “A rare cause of bilat­eral sud­den deaf­ness”VU Uni­ver­sity Med­ical Cen­ter, Ams­ter­dam, The Netherlands
    • Dr. Geor­gios Dim­i­tri­adis: “Para­ne­o­plas­tic hyper­testos­teron­aemia caus­ing azoosper­mia sec­ondary to a mixed extrag­o­nadal germ cell tumour of the ante­rior medi­astinum”WIS­DEM Cen­tre, ENETS CoE. Uni­ver­sity Hos­pi­tals Coven­try and War­wick­shire NHS Trust, Coven­try, West Mid­lands, UK
    • Dr. Car­olina Macedo: “Spon­ta­neous regres­sion of a mandibu­lar arte­ri­ove­nous mal­for­ma­tion in a 9-​year old boy: Case report with twelve month fol­low up” – Piraci­caba Den­tal School, Uni­ver­sity of Camp­inas (UNI­CAMP), Piraci­caba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Dr. Pawel Stel­mach: “Atyp­i­cal coex­is­tence of gen­i­touri­nary tuber­cu­lo­sis, metasta­tic prostate can­cer and non-​muscle inva­sive blad­der can­cer: A case report” – Med­ical Uni­ver­sity of Sile­sia in Katow­ice, Depart­ment and Clinic of Urol­ogy, Zabrze, Poland
    • Prof. Mariam Malal­lah: “Par­tial Pri­apisim: A rare pre­sen­ta­tion of sickle cell ane­mia” – Al Adan Hos­pi­tal, Kuwait, Kuwait
    • Dr. Ewan Camp­bell: “Hyper­me­ta­bolic state lead­ing to Wernicke’s Encephalopa­thy: an under diag­nosed phe­nom­e­non?” – Tun­bridge Wells Hos­pi­tal, Lon­don, UK
    • Dr. Andrew Hsu: “The Shift­ing Par­a­digm in the Treat­ment of Emphy­se­ma­tous Gas­tri­tis” – Uni­ver­sity of Mass­a­chu­setts Med­ical School, Worces­ter, MA, USA
    • Dr. Hind Zaidan: “Tra­cheoe­sophageal Fis­tula in Sib­lings – A rare occur­rence” – King Hamad Uni­ver­sity Hos­pi­tal, Muhar­raq, Bahrain
    • Dr. Cristina Alonso: “Trans­la­tional strat­egy in NASH diver­sity: learn­ing from mouse mod­els”OWL, Derio, Spain
    • Dr. Declan McDon­nell: “Infe­rior vena caval aneurysm – an unusual cause of back pain in a young girl” – Royal Hamp­shire County Hos­pi­tal, Win­ches­ter, UK
    • Dr. Muhammed Ershad: “A rare pre­sen­ta­tion of Potas­sium Iodate tox­i­c­ity” – Hamad Med­ical Cor­po­ra­tion, Doha, Qatar
    • Dr. Myrielle Hitz: “A true silent com­part­ment syn­drome in a com­pe­tent sen­sate patient: case report” – Orthopädis­che Klinik Luzerner Kan­ton­sspi­tal Sursee, Switzerland
    • Dr. Hus­sain AlRashed: “An inci­den­tal find­ing of a parat­es­tic­u­lar leiomy­oma on varic­o­cele repair” – Al Adan Hos­pi­tal, Kuwait, Kuwait
    • Ayisha Davies-​House: “Acute Necro­tis­ing Sialometa­pla­sia” – Arrowe Park Hos­pi­tal, Liv­er­pool, UK
    • Dr. Khaled Faisal G. Al Otaibi: “Skenes gland cyst caus­ing uri­nary reten­tion” –Kuwait Insti­tute for Med­ical Spe­cial­ties, Kuwait, Kuwait
    • DDr. Shahzada Amir: “Clin­i­cal appli­ca­tions of Biosim­i­lars” – Kranke­nanstalt Rudolf­s­tiftung, Vienna, Austria
    • Prof. Estibaliz Alvarez Peña: “Stevens John­son Syn­drome dur­ing post­op­er­a­tive period. A case report” – La Paz Hos­pi­tal, Madrid, Spain
    • Prof. Donata Favretto: “Unex­pected in utero expo­sure to psy­chotropic med­ica­tions” – Uni­ver­sity of Padova, Italy

    Key Top­ics and Themes

    • Inter­nal Medicine
    • Surgery and all sub spe­cial­ties includ­ing Car­dio­vas­cu­lar diseases
    • Gas­troin­testi­nal and Hepatic diseases
    • Res­pi­ra­tory disorders
    • Infec­tious diseases
    • Endocrine and meta­bolic disorders
    • Hema­tol­ogy
    • Mus­cu­loskele­tal disorders
    • Allergy-​Immunology
    • Oncol­ogy
    • Rare/​Orphan diseases
    • Renal dis­eases
    • Rheuma­tol­ogy
    • Genetic dis­or­ders
    • Geri­atrics

    Abstract Publication

    Abstracts will be pub­lished in the inter­na­tional peer reviewed jour­nal: New Hori­zons in Clin­i­cal Case Reports (NHCCR).

    CME and CPD Accreditations

    EUCCR-​2017 con­gress pro­gramme will be sub­mit­ted to the Euro­pean Accred­i­ta­tion Coun­cil for Con­tin­u­ing Med­ical Edu­ca­tion (EAC­CME) for CME points accreditation.

    • 10,75 – Fac­ulty of Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Med­i­cine, Royal Col­leges of Physi­cians of the United Kingdom
    • 16 – Aus­trian Med­ical Cham­ber, Austria


    Con­gress Co-​Chairs

    • Prof. Dr Aamir Shahzad – Euro­pean Soci­ety for Trans­la­tional Med­i­cine (EUSTM) Vienna, Austria
    • Prof. Dr Got­tfried Köh­ler – Aus­trian Soci­ety for Trans­la­tional Med­i­cine (ASTM), Vienna, Austria
    • Prof. Dr Ran­dall J. Cohrs – School of Med­i­cine, Uni­ver­sity of Col­orado, Den­ver, USA

    Advi­sory Board

    • Anto­nio Fac­chi­ano – Isti­tuto Der­mopatico dell’Immacolata (IDI-​IRCCS), Rome, Italy
    • Ulrich Pfef­fer – IRCCS AOU San Mar­tino – IST Isti­tuto Nazionale per la Ricerca sul Can­cro, Gen­ova, Italy
    • Mauro Cataldi – Fed­erico II Uni­ver­sity of Naples, Italy
    • Michael A. Schmidt – Research Inno­va­tion Cen­ter, Col­orado State Uni­ver­sity, Fort Collins, Col­orado, USA
    • Thomas J. Good­win – Hon­orary Pres­i­dent, EUSTM, Hous­ton, USA
    • Roy Goodacre – Man­ches­ter Insti­tute of Biotech­nol­ogy (MIB) & School of Chem­istry, Uni­ver­sity of Man­ches­ter, UK
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