2013 Global Conference of Agriculture Economics and Environment Research (GCAEER)

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  • Global Conference of Agriculture Economics and Environment Research (GCAEER) will be held from September 28 to 30 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers from academia to practitioners to share ideas, problems, and solutions. This conference will provide many opportunities for researchers to present the latest research findings and describe emerging technologies, new research problems, and directions in Agriculture Economics and Environment Research issues. The conference seeks to contribute to presenting novel research results in all aspects of Agriculture Economics and Environment Research.

    All accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings. All submissions will be under a peer-review conducted by experts in the field based on originality, significance, quality and clarity.

    Publication Opportunity

    Authors of accepted abstracts will have the opportunity of publishing their associated paper in the official conference proceedings, and a selection of papers will be considered for inclusion in the internationally reviewed journals listed below.

    Management of Environmental Quality—An International Journal

    Unique attributes

    To examine in a deep and objective manner the various environmental factors and their impact on the overall quality of ecosystems and quality of life, to suggest possible remedies to environmental problems and to adopt an inter-disciplinary approach to the problem of managing the environment and upkeeping good quality standards, with a view to reducing the deleterious effects of man's activities.


    The advancement of the industrialized world, with its technological and chemical emphasis, and the intensive farming practices needed to support a voracious population have created massive prosperity. The price we pay for these riches is the deterioration in our health and the emergence of disabling and killer diseases, many of which are of our own making.

    The broad coverage of the journal includes key issues such as: Environmental protection, Nutrition, drugs and genetic engineering, Pollution control, Radioactive waste, Stress and disease, Toxic products, Waste disposal, Water resources.

    Series of scientific journals on environmental sciences by Science Publishing Group

    Science Publishing Group is an independent international publisher of 50+ open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. With an editorial team comprising some of the world's leading researchers, Science Publishing Group communicates scientific discoveries to over 100 countries.

    The journal list is as follows:

    Conference Topics

    Agriculture Economics

    • Agribusiness Management
    • Agribusiness and Rural Private Sector Development
    • Agribusiness Indicators
    • Agribusiness Management
    • Agricultural Communication
    • Agricultural Education & Training
    • Agricultural Engineering
    • Agricultural Extension
    • Agricultural Finance
    • Agricultural Innovation Systems
    • Agricultural Marketing
    • Agricultural Research
    • Agricultural Risk Management
    • Agricultural Systems Management
    • Agricultural Trade
    • Agronomic Business and Marketing
    • Agronomic Management
    • Air Quality
    • Animal Agribusiness
    • Animal Sciences
    • Applied Agricultural Economics
    • Applied Meteorology and Climatology
    • Behavior/Well-Being
    • Biochemistry
    • Biodiversity
    • Biological and Food Process Engineering
    • Biosciences
    • Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering
    • Climate Change
    • Commodity Marketing
    • Community Based Rural Development
    • Crop Science
    • Culinary Science
    • Emerging Environmental Challenges
    • Entomology
    • Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
    • Environmental Policy and Economics
    • Farm Management
    • Fisheries and Aquaculture
    • Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
    • Food and Agribusiness Management
    • Food and Biological Process Engineering
    • Food Marketing
    • Food Safety
    • Forensic Sciences
    • Forestry
    • Forests and Forestry
    • Furniture Design
    • Gender and Rural Development
    • Horticulture
    • Horticulture Production and Marketing International Agronomy
    • International Studies in Agriculture
    • Irrigation and Drainage
    • Land and Food Security
    • Land Policy and Administration
    • Land Resources
    • Land Resources Management
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Landscape Horticulture and Design
    • Livestock and Animal Resources
    • Natural Resources and Environmental Science
    • Natural Resources Planning and Decision Making
    • Pet Food Processing
    • Pharmaceutical Process Engineering
    • Plant Biology
    • Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Plant Ecology and Environment
    • Plant Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology*
    • Plant Health Management
    • Plant Pathology
    • Plant Science
    • Preveterinary Medicine
    • Production
    • Products
    • Public Horticulture
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Rural Finance
    • Rural Livelihoods
    • Rural Transport
    • Rural Water Supply
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Sanitation and Hygiene
    • Soil and Hydrologic Science
    • Soil Science
    • Sustainable Agronomic System
    • Sustainable Environments
    • Turf Science and Management
    • Urban Forestry
    • Water Quality
    • Water Resources Management
    • Weed Science
    • Wildlife
    • Wildlife Science
    • Wood Products Manufacturing Technology


    • Aquatic and Environmental Engineering
    • Climatology
    • Ecological Economics
    • Ecological Engineering
    • Ecological Genetics
    • Ecological Humanities
    • Ecological Literacy
    • Ecological Psychology
    • Environmental and Social Studies
    • Environmental Archaeology
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Environmental Design
    • Environmental Economics
    • Environmental Effects on Physiology
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Environmental Ethics
    • Environmental Finance
    • Environmental Geography
    • Environmental Geology
    • Environmental History
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Environmental Justice
    • Environmental Law
    • Environmental Management
    • Environmental Psychology
    • Environmental Policy
    • Environmental Science
    • Environmental Skepticism
    • Environmental Sociology
    • Environmental Soil Science
    • Environmental Studies
    • Environmental Technology
    • Environmental Toxicology
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Hydrology
    • Toxicology
    • Traditional Environmental Knowledge
    • Energy and Environment
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    Conference START 30.09.2013 END

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