2st DIP Asia-Pacific (DIPAP) Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome and Pregnancy 2017 Shanghai

  • Conference Call
  • It is with great plea­sure to announce and to invite you to join us at The 2nd Asia Pacific Sym­po­sium on Dia­betes, Hyper­ten­sion, Meta­bolic Syn­drome and Preg­nancy (DIPAP) Greater China to take place this com­ing Octo­ber 2728, 2017 in Shang­hai, China at the Jing An Shangri La West Shang­hai.

    The Sym­po­sium is held in order to high­light and doc­u­ment sci­en­tif­i­cally and prac­ti­cally on how to pre­vent, diag­nose and man­age HIP to opti­mize care and out­comes in what is seen as a large knowl­edge gap within the field. The great suc­cess of the pre­vi­ous Ten DIP Sym­posia held all over Europe and the first in Asia-​Pacific in 2016 have paved the way for the Inau­gural DIPAP Greater China Sym­po­sium. Like the DIP Sym­po­sium in Europe, Greater China will aim to raise aware­ness of the con­nec­tion between hyper­glycemia and poor preg­nancy out­comes, where there needs to be a greater global focus on pre­vent­ing, screen­ing, diag­nos­ing, and man­ag­ing hyper­glycemia in pregnancy.

    The DIP Sym­po­sium con­tin­u­ously aims to lead a greater global focus on Hyper­ten­sion in Preg­nancy (HIP), mater­nal and fetal med­i­cine. Doing so by rais­ing aware­ness of the links between hyper­glycemia and poor mater­nal and fetal out­comes as well as to the future health risks to mother and off­spring and demand a clearly defined global health agenda to tackle this issue. To pro­vide guid­ance for test­ing, man­age­ment and care of women with HIP regard­less of resource set­ting as out­lined in the FIGO doc­u­ment and to inspire action by show­cas­ing ongo­ing ini­tia­tives on dia­betes in preg­nancy in the region and globally.

    The DIPAP Greater China Sym­po­sium will intro­duce a unique pro­gram on “Dig­i­tal Health” whereby start-​up com­pa­nies, inno­v­a­tive con­cepts, devel­op­ment of ideas to exe­cu­tion will be brought to the fore­front in keynote lec­tures and demon­stra­tions. A never-​before col­lab­o­ra­tion of Sci­en­tific con­tent and hi-​tech will meet, lis­ten and dis­cuss on the third day of the Sym­po­sium. The Dig­i­tal Health pro­gram will suc­cess­fully address and high­light the impor­tance of intro­duc­ing and includ­ing dig­i­tal health within the treat­ment of Dia­betes, Hyper­ten­sion, Meta­bolic Syn­drome and Pregnancy.

    Des­ig­nated sci­en­tific ses­sions spe­cific to HIP and the spe­cific region is set out to pro­vide in great detail the impor­tance of HIP locally and region­ally. It is impor­tant for such a course to take place in order to allow par­tic­i­pants to receive a great overview of mat­ters con­cern­ing their geo­graph­i­cal region within a short time frame. The pro­gram pro­vides a spe­cific and tar­geted overview from cer­tain mat­ters of the over­all Sym­po­sium, allow­ing it to reach its tar­geted audi­ence and ide­ally reach max­i­mum impact in teach­ing /​bring­ing to light the mat­ters sur­round­ing HIP.

    Addi­tion­ally, con­tro­ver­sial top­ics and use of new tech­nolo­gies in peri­na­tal med­i­cine will be dis­cussed in detail. This will allow par­tic­i­pants to for­mu­late a modus operandi through evi­dence pro­vided by the pre­sent­ing experts. Inno­va­tions con­nected to peri­na­tal research on Whole Genome Sequenc­ing, NIPT, small RNA’s, Metabolomics and Micro­biota will be dis­cussed at length at the Sym­po­sium. The fac­ulty com­prises of renowned pro­fes­sion­als and prac­ti­tion­ers from all over the world, who will present the most updated clin­i­cal and lab­o­ra­tory rev­o­lu­tions, based on evi­dence as well as prac­ti­cal experience.

    Con­firmed Speakers

    • Luis Cabero Roura, Spain
    • Hema Divakar, India (FIGO WG)
    • Tony Duan, China
    • Moshe Hod, Israel
    • Anil Kapur, India
    • Ji Linong, China
    • Ronald Ma, Hong Kong
    • Tahir Mah­mood, UK
    • Naren­dra Mal­horta, India
    • Guang Ning, China
    • CN Puran­dare, India, FIGO President
    • Rina Su, China
    • Ger­ard Visser, Netherlands
    • Huixia Yang, China (FIGO WG)
    • Yariv Yogev, Israel
    • Luy­ing Zhang, China

    Sym­po­sium Topics

    • Non Com­mu­ni­ca­ble Dis­ease & Preg­nancy global epi­demic — It’s all about the mother and the offspring
    • Non Com­mu­ni­ca­ble Dis­ease & Preg­nancy – The FIGO Global vision
    • IDF Global Vision: Dia­betes in Pregnancy
    • Mater­nal Health – The Impact of Dia­betes, Obe­sity, Hyper­ten­sion in Pregnancy
    • Mother with Preg­nancy Induced Com­pli­ca­tions – How do we Improve Outcome?
    • The Fetus — Is There an Opti­mal Birth Weight?
    • The Fetus — Pre­ven­tion of Preterm Birth: Towards Healthy Moth­ers and Healthy Babies
    • Ren­o­vat­ing Mater­nal Fetal Medicine
    • Mater­nal Fetal Med­i­cine — The Great Obstet­ri­cal Syn­dromes; from basics to mol­e­c­u­lar biology
    • Fetal Med­i­cine — Inno­va­tions in pre­dic­tion and prevention
    • New tech­nolo­gies in dia­betic pregnancy
    • Pla­cen­tal insuf­fi­ciency: preeclamp­sia and fetal growth
    • Patho­gen­e­sis of preeclamp­sia: Clues to pre­ven­tion and treatment
    • Preeclamp­sia: iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of pre-​clinical dis­ease and man­age­ment issues
    • Early pre­dic­tion and pre­ven­tion of IUGR
    • IUGR and SGA: Doppler man­age­ment and pre­dic­tion of out­comeObe­sity or Meta­bolic Syn­drome in Preg­nancy, which is more haz­ardous to the mother and offspring?
    • Peri­na­tal pro­gram­ming of obesity
    • Pre-​pregnancy man­age­ment of the obese patient
    • Health sys­tem and soci­etal bar­ri­ers in improv­ing dia­betes related mater­nal health
    • Towards a Con­sen­sus; The FIGO-​GDM Ini­tia­tive Project
    • The Asia Pacific Expe­ri­ence: Learn­ing from the SAIDIP & Greater China experience
    • Tribu­la­tions and tri­umphs in imple­ment­ing a national strat­egy for GDM screen­ing diag­no­sis and care in India
    • Analy­sis of the cost-​effectiveness of car­ry­ing out GDM screen­ing in India
    • Ges­ta­tional dia­betes mel­li­tus in China: Dif­fi­cul­ties and cop­ing strategies
    • Analy­sis of the cost-​effectiveness of car­ry­ing out GDM screen­ing in China
    • State of the art on insulin ana­logues and pregnancy
    • Dif­fer­ences between early and late onset pla­cen­tal dis­ease — impli­ca­tions for screening
    • Aspects of preeclamp­sia risk cal­cu­la­tion: Pop­u­la­tions and individuals
    • First-​trimester mater­nal risk assess­ment — A health eco­nomic perspective
    • Crit­i­cal eval­u­a­tion of poten­tial treat­ments: The case for/​against aspirin
    • Towards a solu­tion — The ASPRE Study
    • Nutri­tional fac­tors and sup­ple­men­ta­tion on mater­nal and infant outcome
    • Diet and preg­nancy out­comes– exam­ples based on the role of micronu­tri­ents and macronuri­ents in the devel­op­ment of ges­ta­tional diabetes
    • Nutri­tional sup­ple­men­ta­tion and the pre­ven­tion of fetal con­gen­i­tal abnormalitie
    • Dif­fer­ences in growth tra­jec­to­ries between infants of women with type-​1 and type-​2 diabetes?

    CME Accreditation

    Euro­pean Accred­i­ta­tion Coun­cil for Con­tin­u­ing Med­ical Edu­ca­tion (UEMS/​EACCME)

    An appli­ca­tion will be made to the Euro­pean Accred­i­ta­tion Coun­cil for Con­tin­u­ing Med­ical Edu­ca­tion (EAC­CME) for CME accred­i­ta­tion of this event. The EAC­CME is an insti­tu­tion of the Euro­pean​Union of Med­ical Spe­cial­ists (UEMS).

    Amer­i­can Med­ical Asso­ci­a­tion (AMA)

    Through an agree­ment between the Euro­pean Union of Med­ical Spe­cial­ists and the Amer­i­can Med­ical Asso­ci­a­tion, physi­cians may con­vert EAC­CME cred­its to an equiv­a­lent num­ber of AMA PRA Cat­e­gory 1 Cred­its™.

    Royal Col­lege of Physi­cians and Sur­geons of Canada

    Live edu­ca­tional activ­i­ties, occur­ring out­side of Canada, rec­og­nized by the UEMS-​EACCME for ECMEC cred­its are deemed to be Accred­ited Group Learn­ing Activ­i­ties (Sec­tion 1) as defined by the Main­te­nance of Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Pro­gram of The Royal Col­lege of Physi­cians and Sur­geons of Canada.


    Sym­po­sium Presidents

    • Moshe Hod, Israel and Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Italy
    • Gian Paolo Donzelli, Italy
    • Tony Duan, China
    • TY Leung, Hong Kong
    • Ji Linong, China, IDF
    • Guang Ning, China
    • Liona Poon, Hong Kong
    • George SH Yeo, Singapore
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