12th Annual Oxford Global Pharma IT Congress 2014 London

  • Conference Call
  • Oxford Global Con­fer­ences Ltd are proud to present the 12th Annual Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal IT Con­gress 2014 tak­ing place on the 22nd and 23rd Sep­tem­ber 2014 at Dex­ter House, Lon­don, UK. Over the two days this well estab­lished and pres­ti­gious con­gress will bring together over 175 senior experts to dis­cuss the most press­ing chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties in the Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal IT field.

    The impor­tance of IT and its role in the Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Indus­try is becom­ing more evi­dent to key deci­sion mak­ers. This con­gress will explore pio­neer­ing solu­tions to chal­lenges such as big data, cloud com­put­ing, data man­age­ment, R&D IT and clin­i­cal data.


    On day one, our del­e­gates will ben­e­fit from hear­ing from those work­ing at the fore­front of big data solu­tions and cloud com­put­ing. Our experts will dis­cuss the appli­ca­tion of seman­tic web tech­nolo­gies, the use of super­com­put­ing in the pharma indus­try and the lat­est mod­erni­sa­tion of smart­phone and tablets.

    The vol­ume of data col­lected dur­ing R&D, clin­i­cal stud­ies and most recently real world stud­ies has put pres­sure on IT depart­ments to offer advanced IT solu­tions. The data man­age­ment stream will focus on stor­ing, retriev­ing and analysing data. Our renowned panel will deliver pre­sen­ta­tions on over­com­ing data secu­rity chal­lenges, com­par­ing data analy­sis plat­forms and inte­grat­ing non-​heterogeneous data sources.

    Stream 1 – Enter­prise IT: Tech­nolo­gies, Chal­lenges and Strategies

    • Max­imis­ing the ben­e­fits of cloud computing
    • Build­ing IT infra­struc­ture for Big Data
    • Devel­op­ing and apply­ing seman­tic web technologies
    • Embrac­ing new tech­nolo­gies: smart­phones and tablets
    • Super­com­put­ing for the pharma industry
    • Achiev­ing business-​IT alignment

    Stream 2 – Data Man­age­ment: Stor­ing, Retriev­ing and Analysing Data

    • Meet­ing data secu­rity chal­lenges in a data cen­tric world
    • Com­par­ing var­i­ous data inte­gra­tion solutions
    • Data analy­sis: plat­forms, ware­houses and the cloud
    • Pri­vacy and data gov­er­nance in drug devel­op­ment projects
    • Inte­gra­tion of non-​standardised het­ero­ge­neous data sources
    • Real World Data: patient-​level data

    On day two, senior lead­ers will dis­cuss IT solu­tions to improve R&D within the Pharma Indus­try. Pre­sen­ta­tions will cover the use of next gen­er­a­tion bioin­for­mat­ics to enhance pro­duc­tiv­ity and the design and imple­men­ta­tion of a paper­less lab. Our renowned speak­ers will also explore the impor­tance of col­lab­o­ra­tions and open source inno­va­tions for the suc­cess of the Pharma Industry.

    The clin­i­cal data and clin­i­cal trial data stream will expand on the data man­age­ment issues dis­cussed on day two. Our esteemed speak­ers will present on top­ics such as: pri­vacy and data gov­er­nance issues related to elec­tronic health records, stor­age sys­tems for clin­i­cal data and real world evi­dence in trial design.

    Stream 1 – IT Strate­gies to Improve R&D

    • IT capa­bil­i­ties to sup­port R&D
    • Next gen­er­a­tion bioin­for­mat­ics for enhanc­ing R&D productivity
    • Design and imple­men­ta­tion of a paper­less laboratory
    • Knowl­edge man­age­ment: inter­nal vs. exter­nal approaches
    • R&D IT sys­tems: LIMS, ELN, EDC
    • Col­lab­o­ra­tions and open access innovations

    Stream 2 – Clin­i­cal Data & Clin­i­cal Trial Data

    • Reusing elec­tronic health records in clin­i­cal research
    • EHR: pri­vacy and data gov­er­nance issues
    • Stor­age sys­tems for clin­i­cal data
    • Accel­er­at­ing clin­i­cal research through collaborations
    • Real world evi­dence in clin­i­cal trial design
    • Data man­age­ment in clin­i­cal trials

    Speak­ers 2014

    • Jay Berg­eron
      Direc­tor, Trans­la­tional and Bioin­for­mat­ics, Pfizer
    • Michael Brax­en­thaler
      Pharma Research and Early Devel­op­ment Infor­mat­ics, Global Head Strate­gic Alliances, Roche, & Pres­i­dent, Pis­toia Alliance
    • Vijay Bulusu
      Direc­tor, Infor­mat­ics & Inno­va­tion, Pfizer
    • Shoibal Datta
      Direc­tor, Bio­gen Idec
    • Yan­nick Di Mondo
      Dig­i­tal Direc­tor Europe, Mylan
    • Sandy Farmer
      Global Head, IT Sci­en­tific Infor­ma­tion Man­age­ment Experts Cen­ter, Boehringer Ingelheim
    • Peter Gates
      Direc­tor Data Archi­tec­ture Trans­la­tional Infor­mat­ics, Janssen
    • Olivier Gigon­zac
      Head, IS Enter­prise Archi­tect, Sanofi
    • Juer­gen Ham­mer
      Global Head Dis­ease and Trans­la­tional Infor­mat­ics, Roche
    • Dipak Kalra
      Clin­i­cal Pro­fes­sor of Health Infor­mat­ics, Direc­tor, Cen­tre for Health Infor­mat­ics and Mul­ti­pro­fes­sional Edu­ca­tion, Uni­ver­sity Col­lege Lon­don, Pres­i­dent, the EuroRec Insti­tute, EHR4CR Man­ag­ing Entity
    • Susanne Koch
      Exec­u­tive Direc­tor, Head of Enter­prise Archi­tec­ture, IS Gov­er­nance Qual­ity and Com­pli­ance, Boehringer Ingel­heim Pharma GmbH & Co
    • David Lee
      Prin­ci­pal Sci­en­tist, UCB
    • Derek Mar­ren
      Direc­tor– IT, Research Ded­i­cated, Biol­ogy IT Sys­tems, Eli Lilly and Company
    • Chris Mor­ris
      PiM­SPro Lead Devel­oper, Sci­ence & Tech­nol­ogy Facil­i­ties Council
    • Pan­ta­leo Nacci
      Head Sta­tis­ti­cal Safety and Epi­demi­ol­ogy, Novar­tis Vac­cines and Diagnostics
    • John Parkin­son
      Direc­tor, MHRA
    • Jamie Pas­field
      Global Lead IT Strat­egy & Gov­er­nance, Pfizer
    • David Pasirstein
      Direc­tor Busi­ness and Solu­tion Archi­tec­ture, Merck
    • Emmanuel Pham
      VP Bio­métrie, Ipsen
    • Stephan Rausch
      Head of Unit Dig­i­tal Data Analy­sis, Bayer
    • Alexan­der Ren­ner
      US CIO and Head of Global IS Inno­va­tion Man­age­ment, Boehringer Ingelheim
    • David Ruau
      Head, Sci­en­tific Com­put­ing Solu­tions, Advanced Ana­lyt­ics Cen­tre, AstraZeneca
    • Michael Schimeczek
      Senior Project Man­ager, Bayer Busi­ness Services
    • Mar­tin Siman
      Direc­tor, AstraZeneca
    • Mats Sund­gren
      Prin­ci­pal Sci­en­tist, Bio­met­rics & Infor­ma­tion Sci­ence, AstraZeneca R&D
    • Luca Toldo
      Asso­ciate Direc­tor, IS Pharma Deliv­ery, Merck
    • Craig Tulig
      Direc­tor, Research Infor­mat­ics, Takeda Boston
    • Veit Ulshöfer
      Direc­tor, Global Head of Research Infor­mat­ics, Merck
    • Rachel Uphill
      Enter­prise /​Infor­ma­tion Archi­tect, GSK
    • Rudi Ver­beeck
      Direc­tor, Infor­mat­ics, Janssen
    • Paul Vohra
      Global Pro­gramme Direc­tor — IT Sourc­ing, Astel­las Pharma Europe
    • Maria Walsh
      Data Sci­en­tist, Novartis
    • John Westby
      Asso­ciate Vice Pres­i­dent, IT Global Inno­va­tion Cen­ter, Merck
    • John Wise
      Exec­u­tive Direc­tor, Pis­toia Alliance & Pro­gramme Coor­di­na­tion, PRISME Forum

    Who Will Attend

    The 12th Annual Pharma IT Con­gress is an exclu­sive event con­sist­ing of world-​class keynote addresses, pre­sen­ta­tions and panel dis­cus­sions designed specif­i­cally for senior level atten­dees from lead­ing phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal, bio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal, biotech­nol­ogy, diag­nos­tics, CRO and solu­tion provider com­pa­nies, along with highly esteemed mem­bers of aca­d­e­mic and gov­ern­ment insti­tu­tions. Del­e­gates typ­i­cally include VPs, Direc­tors, Man­agers and Heads of:

    • Big Data
    • Busi­ness Development
    • Clin­i­cal IT
    • Cloud Com­put­ing
    • Data Inte­gra­tion and Standardisation
    • Data Man­age­ment
    • Data Stor­age & Retrieval
    • Data Ware­hous­ing
    • Enter­prise Architecture
    • Enter­prise IT
    • Health IT
    • Health Out­comes
    • Infor­ma­tion Systems
    • IT Infra­struc­ture
    • IT Secu­rity
    • Knowl­edge Management
    • mHealth
    • R&D IT
    • Real World Data
    • Reg­u­la­tory Affairs
    • Research Infor­mat­ics
    • Research Infra­struc­ture
    • Sematic Web
    • Tech­nol­ogy and Infrastructure

    Sub­mit a poster

    For atten­dees inter­ested in sub­mit­ting a poster, there are oppor­tu­ni­ties now avail­able. Your poster pre­sen­ta­tion will be located in the exhi­bi­tion room for two days along­side other posters from those work­ing at the fore­front of Pharma IT research.

    In order to secure your board space a fee of £125 will be required. The poster should be pre­sented as A0 (841mm x 1189mm) por­trait size. To take advan­tage of this oppor­tu­nity you need to be reg­is­tered as a paid del­e­gate over the 2 days.

    How to sub­mit your abstract

    We will require:

    • Poster title, Abstract (200 words or less)
    • Prin­ci­pal author, Organ­i­sa­tion, Addi­tional authors
    • Mail­ing address, Email, Tele­phone, Fax

    We have lim­ited spaces avail­able, so please reg­is­ter soon!

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