12th International Kant Congress - Nature and Freedom 2015

  • Conference Call
  • The University of Vienna together with the Kant Society is kindly inviting you to participate in the 12th International Kant Congress 2015, entitled “Nature and Freedom”, held September 21 – 25, 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

    Congress Theme

    The 12th International Kant Congress in Vienna is dedicated to the antagonism of nature and freedom, which is as much an issue of great relevance in contemporary discussions as it was during the Enlightenment period. The question of to what extent human actions are guided by nature or free will seems even less clear in modern times than it was in the 18th century.

    Kant’s writings offer significant potential for contemporary interdisciplinary discussions, which connect philosophy with natural sciences, medicine, neurology and psychology, law and social sciences. While the Kant Congress 2015 will mainly focus on these issues, there will be also three key topics related to Vienna: Kant and the Vienna Circle, Kant and phenomenology and Kant and the poets. Furthermore, there will be various additional sections in order to account for the wide range of topics in Kant’s philosophy.

    The official languages of the congress are German, English and French.

    Plenary Lectures

    • Guido Almeida – Rio de Janeiro: Kant’s Conception of Freedom
    • Frederic Beiser – Syracuse: Kant and the Poets
    • Steven Crowell – Houston: Kant and the Phenomenology of Life
    • Massimo Ferrari – Turin: Natur versus Freiheit. Zum Kant-​Verständnis des Wiener Kreises
    • Michael Friedman – Stanford: The Science of Nature and the Demands of Freedom: Denying Knowledge to Make Room for Belief
    • Hannah Ginsborg – Berkeley: Kant’s ‘Young Poet’ and the Normativity of Aesthetic Judgment
    • Patricia Kitcher – New York: Freedom in Thought and Action
    • Pauline Kleingeld – Groningen: Freedom and the Formula of Universal Law
    • Alexej Krouglov – Moscow: Kants Lehre von Raum und Zeit und die Möglichkeit einer Freiheit in der russischen Poesie
    • Rudolf Langthaler – Vienna: “…um zum Glauben Platz zu bekommen”: Verschiedene Gestalten des kantischen “Vernunftglaubens“
    • Michela Massimi – Edinburgh: Prescribing Laws to Nature
    • Dominique Pradelle – Paris: Husserls Kritik an Kants praktischer Philosophie
    • Tobias Rosefeldt – Berlin: Freedom and Transcendental Idealism
    • Michael Wolff – Bielefeld: Freiheit und Natur


    1. Kant’s Precritical Philosophy
    2. Metaphysics
    3. Epistemology and Logics
    4. History of Science and Nature
    5. Teleology
    6. Ethics and Moral Philosophy
    7. Philosophy of Law and Justice
    8. Philosophy of Politics, History and Culture
    9. Anthropology and Psychology
    10. Religion and Theology
    11. Aesthetics
    12. Kant and the Precritical Rationalism and Empirism
    13. Kant and his Poets
    14. Kant and German Idealism
    15. Kant and the Vienna Circle
    16. Kant ans Phenomenology
    17. Kant and Neo-​Kantianism
    18. Kant and Eastern Europe
    19. Kant and the Traditional Asian Philosophy
    20. Kant in Schools
    21. Kant in the Present

    Call for Papers

    January 1 — September 15, 2014

    Please submit a full paper, consisting of max. 8 pages (= 20.000 characters, spaces included) as well as an abstract consisting of ½ page (= 1.000 characters, spaces included) and identify the section your paper refers to clearly. Presentations should not exceed 25 minutes. Papers must be suitable for anonymous review. Please refrain from making references to your own work or anything obvious that could reveal your identity.

    Authors will be notified of the review outcome not later than March 1, 2015. Participation in the congress is also possible without a paper.

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