12th Annual Meeting of the Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine (MSRM) 2014

  • Conference Call
  • ComtecMed Med­ical Con­gresses is delighted to invite you to take part in a con­joint meet­ing of the XII Annual Meet­ing of the Mediter­ranean Soci­ety for Repro­duc­tive Med­i­cine (MSRM) and the World Con­gress on Build­ing Con­sen­sus out of Con­tro­ver­sies in Obstet­rics, Gyne­col­ogy & Infer­til­ity (COGI), tak­ing place on April 24 – 26, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain at the Princesa Sofia Gran Hotel.

    Con­fer­ence Theme

    The Mediter­ranean Soci­ety for Repro­duc­tive Med­i­cine is a sci­en­tific soci­ety work­ing in the field of Human Repro­duc­tion, and mainly devoted to education.The Soci­ety is ded­i­cated to the study of all aspects of Repro­duc­tive Med­i­cine includ­ing the pro­mo­tion of sci­ence and research in all aspects of human repro­duc­tion, the under­stand­ing of evidence-​based prac­tice between clin­i­cians and the enhance­ment of com­mu­ni­ca­tion between sci­en­tists inter­ested in these subjects.

    The COGI Con­gress was estab­lished to enable physi­cians to meet with out­stand­ing experts in all Ob/​Gyn fields, and be updated on the most press­ing clin­i­cal ques­tions and con­tro­ver­sies in the field today. The goal of the COGI Con­gress is to reach actual and agreed-​upon answers to some of these con­tro­ver­sies, through evidence-​based medicine.

    The MSRM Soci­ety & the COGI Con­gress are thrilled to join forces in order to pro­mote excel­lence in the field and aim to bridge gaps between the expan­sion of infor­ma­tion and its imple­men­ta­tion in clin­i­cal prac­tice. Inter­na­tional and local experts will share and com­pare expe­ri­ences in stim­u­lat­ing and inter­ac­tive debates. Allow­ing ample time for speaker-​audience dis­cus­sion, the Con­gress aims at reach­ing up-​to-​date and agreed-​upon answers to ongo­ing debates even when proof is lack­ing, through evidence-​based med­i­cine and expert opinion.

    The Con­gress will enable par­tic­i­pants from all over the world to meet with out­stand­ing world experts in var­i­ous dis­ci­plines and to be updated on the most press­ing issues fac­ing clin­i­cians today.

    Main Topics


    • Frail Bones: Old Con­cepts vs. New Strategies
    • What Really Both­ers Menopausal Women?
    • Safety of Post­menopausal Hor­mone Ther­apy Revisited
    • Fibroids: Does this chap­ter need to be written?
    • Con­tra­cep­tion; No Need to Stop the Pill? More Healthy with a BetterCompliance?
    • The New Estro­gen & Prog­es­terone; are they Bet­ter? Who Ben­e­fits from it?
    • How do we choose the method for Emer­gency Contraception?
    • Endoscopy: S-​Portal: Sin­gle Port Surgery also in Gynecology
    • Adhe­sion For­ma­tion: Can Robotic Surgery Min­i­mize it?
    • Gyne­col­ogy in Adolescence
    • Ovar­ian Cancer
    • Cer­vi­cal Can­cer & Human Papil­loma Virus (HPV)

    Repro­duc­tive Medicine

    • Safety of Art (Com­pli­ca­tions of Art)
    • Ade­no­myosis – Endometrio­sis and Infertility
    • Androl­ogy (from Empiri­cism to Basic Science)
    • Arti­fi­cial Gametes
    • Repeated Implan­ta­tion Failure
    • Fer­til­ity Preservation
    • ART: The Role of Improv­ing Technologies
    • Luteal Sup­port: New For­mu­la­tion & Mode of Delivery
    • Should Pro­teomics, Metabolomics & Secre­tomics Become A Stan­dard Procedure?

    Con­firmed List of Faculty

    • Mohamed Aboul­gar, Egypt
    • José Luis Ballesca, Spain
    • Christo­pher Bar­ratt, UK
    • Pedro Barri, Spain
    • Mon­cef Benkhal­ifa, France
    • David Blesa, Spain
    • Montser­rat Boada, Spain
    • Frank Broek­mans, The Netherlands
    • Aldo Calogero, Italy
    • Charles Chapron, France
    • Qiuju Chen, China
    • Bue­naven­tura Coroleu, Spain
    • Dominique De Ziegler, France
    • Jacques Don­nez, Belgium
    • Simon Fishel, UK
    • Mario Fran­chini, Italy
    • Juan Anto­nio García-​Velasco, Spain
    • Andrea R. Genaz­zani, Italy
    • Mordechai Gold­en­berg, Israel
    • Alessan­dra Graziot­tin, Italy
    • Grig­oris Grim­bizis, Greece
    • Gedis Grudzin­skas, UK
    • Timur Gur­gan, Turkey
    • Stratis Koli­b­ianakis, Greece
    • Outi Hov­atta, Sweden
    • Irene Lam­bri­noudaki, Greece
    • Dim­itrios Loutradis, Greece
    • Khaled Mah­moud, Tunisia
    • Anto­nis Mak­ri­gian­nakis, Greece
    • Vin­cenzo Mala­fa­rina, Spain
    • Dror Meirow, Israel
    • Ioan­nis Messi­nis, Greece
    • Tat­jana E. Motrenko Simic, Montenegro
    • Nicholas Panay, UK
    • Felice Petraglia, Italy
    • Anto­nio Pel­licer, Spain
    • Mar­garet Rees, UK
    • Laura Rienzi, Italy
    • Has­san Sal­lam, Egypt
    • Ger­ald Schat­ten, USA
    • Omar Sefrioui, Morocco
    • Bruce S. Shapiro, USA
    • Zeev Shoham, Israel
    • Vasil­ios Tanos, Cyprus
    • Her­man Tour­naye, Belgium
    • Francesca Vidal, Spain
    • Anna Veiga, Spain
    • Antoine Watrelot, France

    Con­tin­u­ing Med­ical Edu­ca­tion Accred­i­ta­tion points (CME)

    MSRM and the COGI has sub­mit­ted for CME accred­i­ta­tion via the Euro­pean Accred­i­ta­tion Coun­cil for Con­tin­u­ing Med­ical Edu­ca­tion (EAC­CME). The accred­i­ta­tion will be in com­pli­ance with EBU/​UEMS reg­u­la­tions — 1 credit per hour, with a max­i­mum of 6 cred­its per day. Both the EBU and the EAC­CME are the insti­tu­tions of the Euro­pean Union of Med­ical Spe­cial­ists (UEMS).

    All CME events accred­ited by the EBU have the EAC­CME endorse­ment. The EBU/​EACCME CME Cred­its are rec­og­nized by National Accred­i­ta­tion Authorities.

    Each med­ical spe­cial­ist should claim only those hours of credit that he/​she actu­ally spent in the edu­ca­tional activity.

    All CME activ­i­ties approved by the EBU/​EACCME are valid for recog­ni­tion by the Amer­i­can Med­ical Asso­ci­a­tion towards the Physician’s Recog­ni­tion Award (PRA). To con­vert EAC­CME credit to AMA PRA cat­e­gory 1 credit, con­tact the AMA.

    The accred­i­ta­tion is in com­pli­ance with EBU/​UEMS reg­u­la­tions — 1 credit per hour, with a max­i­mum of 6 cred­its per day.

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