11th Workshop on Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance in Cryptography (FDTC) 2014 Busan

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  • The 11th Work­shop on Fault Diag­no­sis and Tol­er­ance in Cryp­tog­ra­phy (FDTC) 2014 will be held on Sep­tem­ber 23, 2014 in Busan, South Korea. This event is organ­ised in coop­er­a­tion with the Inter­na­tional Asso­ci­a­tion for Cryp­to­logic Research (IACR) and is co-​located with the Work­shop on Cryp­to­graphic Hard­ware and Embed­ded Sys­tems (CHES) 2014.

    Fault injec­tion is one of the most exploited means for extract­ing con­fi­den­tial infor­ma­tion from embed­ded devices and for com­pro­mis­ing their intended behav­ior. There­fore, research on devel­op­ing method­olo­gies and tech­niques for the design of robust cryp­to­graphic sys­tems (both hard­ware and soft­ware), and on pro­tect­ing them against both acci­den­tal faults and inten­tional attacks is essen­tial. Of par­tic­u­lar inter­est is the pro­tec­tion against mali­cious injec­tion of faults into the device for the pur­pose of extract­ing con­fi­den­tial information.

    FDTC is the ref­er­ence event in the field of fault analy­sis, attacks and countermeasures.

    Work­shop Topics

    Top­ics of inter­est include but are not lim­ited to:

    Fault Injection

    • mech­a­nisms (e.g., using lasers, elec­tro­mag­netic induc­tion, or clock /​power sup­ply manipulation)
    • mod­els of fault injection
    • mea­sures to pre­vent fault injec­tion (e.g., phys­i­cal pro­tec­tion, fault diagnosis)

    Fault Exploitation

    • attacks on cryp­to­graphic devices (HW and SW) or protocols
    • com­bined imple­men­ta­tion attacks
    • mod­els and analy­sis (e.g., mod­el­ing the reli­a­bil­ity of sys­tems or protocols)


    • fault resis­tant hard­ware /​imple­men­ta­tions of cryp­to­graphic algorithms
    • coun­ter­mea­sures to detect fault injec­tions and tech­niques pro­vid­ing fault tol­er­ance (inher­ent reliability)
    • fault resis­tant protocols

    Case stud­ies of attacks, fault diag­no­sis, and tol­er­ance techniques

    Organ­is­ing Committees

    Orga­niz­ers and work­shop series founders

    • Luca Breveg­lieri – Politec­nico di Milano, Dept. of Elec­tronic & Infor­ma­tion Sciences
    • Israel Koren – Uni­ver­sity of Mass­a­chu­setts, Dept. of Elec­tri­cal & Com­puter Engineering

    Sci­en­tific pro­gram chairs for FDTC 2014

    • Dooho Choi – Cyber Secu­rity Research Lab., Elec­tron­ics and Tele­com. Res. Inst. (ETRI)
    • Assia Tria – CEA-​Tech

    Pro­gram Committee

    • Oliver Benoit – Qualcomm
    • Jae Cheol Ha – Hoseo University
    • Wieland Fis­cher – Infineon
    • Benedikt Gier­lichs – KU Leuven
    • Christophe Giraud – Oberthur Technologies
    • Jorge Gua­jardo – Robert Bosch LLC
    • Syl­vain Guil­ley – Tele­com ParisTech
    • Howon Kim – Busan University
    • Ilya Kizh­va­tov – Riscure
    • Ker­stin Lemke-​Rust – HBRS
    • Mar­cel Med­wed – NXP Semiconductors
    • Mehran Mozaf­fari K. – Rochester I. Tech.
    • David Oswald – HGI, Ruhr-​Univ. Bochum
    • Ger­ardo Pelosi – Politec­nico di Milano
    • Matthieu Rivain – CryptoExperts
    • Sergei Sko­roboga­tov – Uni­ver­sity of Cambridge
    • Tsuyoshi Tak­agi – Kyushu University
    • Junko Taka­hashi – NTT Laboratories
    • Michael Tun­stall – Uni­ver­sity of Bristol
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