11th Triennial Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists (WATOC) 2017 Munich

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  • This year Uni­ver­sity of Munich, LMU will host the 11th Tri­en­nial Con­gress of the World Asso­ci­a­tion of The­o­ret­i­cal and Com­pu­ta­tional Chemists (WATOC) from August 27 to Sep­tem­ber 1, 2017 in Munich, Ger­many. WATOC is the largest the­o­ret­i­cal and com­pu­ta­tional con­fer­ence world­wide and we expect about 1500 par­tic­i­pants from all over the world. There will be more than 200 invited lec­tures, many con­tributed talks and posters cov­er­ing a wide vari­ety of cut­ting edge research top­ics rang­ing from method devel­op­ments to appli­ca­tions, all push­ing the lim­its of mod­ern the­o­ret­i­cal and com­pu­ta­tional chem­istry, bio­chem­istry, nan­otech­nol­ogy, and mate­ri­als sciences.

    Ple­nary Speakers

    • Evan­ge­lista, Francesco (Dirac Medal 2017) – Emory Uni­ver­sity, USA
    • Hel­gaker, Trygve – Uni­ver­sity of Oslo, Norway
    • Hobza, Pavel (Schrödinger Medal 2017) – Charles Uni­ver­sity Prague, Czech Republic
    • Mar­tinez, Todd – Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity, USA
    • Men­nucci, Benedetta – Uni­ver­sity of Pisa, Italy
    • Nakat­suji, Hiroshi (Schrödinger Medal 2016) – Kyoto Uni­ver­sity, Japan
    • Neese, Frank – MPI Mül­heim, Germany
    • Neuge­bauer, Johannes (Dirac Medal 2016) – Uni­ver­sity of Mün­ster, Germany
    • Roeth­lis­berger, Ursula – EPFL Lau­sanne, Switzerland
    • Schwarz, Hel­mut (Schrödinger Medal 2015) – TU Berlin, Germany
    • Valeev, Edward (Dirac Medal 2015) – Vir­ginia Tech, USA

    Travel Grants for Young DPG Members

    WE Her­aeus Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Pro­gramme – “Large Inter­na­tional Conferences“

    Young sci­en­tists are one of the main tar­get groups of the activ­i­ties of the Wil­helm und Else Her­aeus Foun­da­tion. There­fore, in 1989, the foun­da­tion together with the DPG estab­lished a pro­gram that gives young physi­cists in an early period of their sci­en­tific career (Mas­ter, Diplom or PhD the­sis) the oppor­tu­nity to present their own sci­en­tific results to a cen­so­ri­ous audience.

    Within this pro­gramme the active par­tic­i­pa­tion at “large inter­na­tional con­fer­ences” tak­ing place in Ger­many is finan­cially sup­ported. You will find more infor­ma­tion on the DPG web­site.

    The orga­niz­ers want to thank Wil­helm and Else Her­aeus Foun­da­tion, Hanau and DPG e.V., Bad Hon­nef, Germany.


    We would like to thank the fol­low­ing spon­sors for their support:

    • Plat­inum Spon­sor: BASF
    • Bronze Spon­sor: Wiley
    • Spon­sor: The Jour­nal of Phys­i­cal Chemistry/​ACS Publications

    Con­fer­ence Committee

    Inter­na­tional Advi­sory Committee

    • Prof. Yitzhak Apeloig – Tech­nion, Israel
    • Prof. Emily Carter – Prince­ton Uni­ver­sity, USA
    • Prof. Odile Eisen­stein – Uni­ver­sity of Mont­pel­lier, France
    • Prof. Juer­gen Gauss – Uni­ver­sity of Mainz, Germany
    • Prof. Peter Gill – Aus­tralian National Uni­ver­sity, Australia
    • Prof. Ste­fan Grimme – Uni­ver­sity of Bonn, Germany
    • Prof. Trygve Ulf Hel­gaker – Uni­ver­sity of Oslo, Norway
    • Prof. Jeremy Har­vey – Uni­ver­sity of Leu­ven, Belgium
    • Prof. Ker­sti Her­mans­son – Uni­ver­sity of Upp­sala, Sweden
    • Prof. Elu­vathin­gal Jem­mis – Indian Insti­tute of Sci­ence, India
    • Prof. Bogu­mil Jeziorski – Uni­ver­sity of War­saw, Poland
    • Prof. Anna Krylov – Uni­ver­sity of South­ern Cal­i­for­nia, USA
    • Prof. Hans-​Peter Luethi – Swiss Fed­eral Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy Zurich, Switzerland
    • Prof. Fred Manby – Uni­ver­sity of Bris­tol, UK
    • Prof. Markus Meuwly – Uni­ver­sity of Basel, Switzerland
    • Prof. Benedetta Men­nucci – Uni­ver­sity of Pisa, Italy
    • Prof. Leo Radom – Uni­ver­sity of Syd­ney, Australia
    • Prof. Anto­nio Rizzo – Ital­ian National Research Coun­cil, Italy
    • Prof. Mike Robb – Impe­r­ial Col­lege Lon­don, UK
    • Prof. Andreas Savin – UPMC Sor­bonne Uni­ver­sity, France
    • Prof. Henry F. Schae­fer III – Uni­ver­sity of Geor­gia, USA
    • Prof. Peter Schreiner – Uni­ver­sity of Giessen, Germany
    • Prof. Eunji Sim – Yon­sei Uni­ver­sity, Korea
    • Prof. Sei­ichiro Ten-​no – Kobe Uni­ver­sity, Japan
    • Prof. Wal­ter Thiel – Max-​Planck-​Institut fuer Kohlen­forschung, Germany
    • Prof. Ale­jan­dro Toro-​Labbe – Pon­tif­i­cal Catholic Uni­ver­sity of Chile, Chile
    • Prof. Yun­dong Wu – Peking Uni­ver­sity, China
    • Prof. Manuel Yanez – Autonomous Uni­ver­sity of Madrid, Spain

    Local Sci­en­tific Committee

    (Uni­ver­sity of Munich, LMU, Germany)

    • Dr. Asb­jörn M. Burow
    • Dr. Thomas-​Christian Jagau
    • Prof. Regina de Vivie-​Riedle
    • Prof. Hubert Ebert
    • Prof. Hen­drik Zipse
    • Prof. Chris­t­ian Ochsenfeld
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