me’kono gains further traction throughout october and november 2011

October and November brought me’kono a further boost in visitors and pages views, which increased by 105% (to 1,028) and 99% (to 2,143). During the period of consideration we had 159 conferences listed and 46 deadlines expired. me’kono could help to channel 58 submissions and registrations to these events—an increase of 107%. Our plattform showed 84 People the way to the right conference, up by 155%. So if you want to increase traffic and engagement for your conference, register today!

These are whopping figures and gives us extra motivation to better the me’kono conference plattform further. Hope, you saw our new sharing buttons on top of each conference abstract! Some under-the-hood changes have also been implemented. For instance Google search results will get much better soon, since me’kono pages are pimped with style microdata. What this means for you, you might ask. Quit simple – your search results will get much more informative and visually appealing. Just check out this one:

In the search results visitors are able to see location, date and description on first glance – much more convenient!

Finally, me’kono has now its own page on Google plus and we are promoting your conferences there as well! For december — besides getting more conferences online — we are preparing some serious website tweaks and some new year’s surprises. So stay tuned, tell us what you think and check back soon!

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