Make an impact with your presentation using these beautiful free fonts

Your research is amazing and your findings are ground-breaking? Then your presentation should emphasise your results by transporting your message in a sufficient and easy-to-follow manner. One way to achieve this, is to use beautiful typography for headlines.

These fonts are usually called ‚display fonts‘ and if you are not stuck in any kind of corporate design enforced by your institute / company, you should definitely check out a recent article at featuring some amazing display fonts – and they are all for free: Free Fonts : A Walk on the Grunge Side

Although some might be to rugged, most of them would definitely go well on 1 or 2 slides stating your main message. Just imagine using for instance the font ‚Protest Paint‘ to shout out: „Global Warming is real!“ or „Stop Smoking now!“ and nothing more on one slide. Your audience will definitely remember you as having a clear and valuable statement!

My personal favourite is Wicked Grit, which will be in my next presentation.

What do you thing? Do you have the freedom to use your own presentation layout at conferences?



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  1. Martin sagt:

    great stuff, i like „orwell“ alot!

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