About us

Purpose of me'kono

me'kono is all about research and teamwork. It is about conferences and all the things that go on there. The people you meet, see perform on stage, speak about your subject or who just simply blow you away and plant this little seed in your head. This little idea, which makes you think over and over again and wants you to connect with that person. To discuss, exchange and create something new, something exciting, something magical. That's what me'kono is all about.

We see the process of conferences and scientific exchange to be an event where for a moment a lot of knowledge and people can meet and exchange their thoughts, ideas and theories. The amount of information and connected activities might be too much at once to be handled by one individual alone. And to memorise them for longer would require even more effort.
This is where me'kono steps in.

Your me'kono team

Kjell Sümegi (grey hair and glasses), founder of me'kono, studied at the University of Business Administration and Economics, Vienna and is working as a web professional since 1998 on various projects. He was employed at PwC Austria in the marketing department for the last 5 years. Besides, he is doing research on the finance-growth nexus and regularly attending economics conferences. His main skills are web development, UI design and business development , economics.

Georg Galler (kind of beard) studied Political Science and Communication Science at University of Vienna. After that he worked as PR-Consultant in an international company and different PR-Agencies. His main skills are public relations, marketing and sales.

Goals of me'kono

  • Help to organise conferences and scientific events
  • Facilitating exchange of ideas, getting discussions going and creating networks at the event location
  • Maintaining and nurturing connections between researchers and making them sustainable and productive
  • Assisting the promotion of research results and enhancing researchers' reputations