Customer Survey and Lottery

It’s quite a while already that me’kono is online – and we believe we are doing a great job. But there is always a second opinion!

So, we want you – our customers – to give us some feedback;

  • Do you like me’kono?
  • What’s your background?
  • And, most important: how can we improve me’kono for you?

Please fill in our questionnaire so we can better our services and tailor it to your needs.

Your feedback has real value to us and we like to show our appreciation by attaching a lottery to our customer survey. Everybody who fills in the survey form and provides us a valid email address will have the chance to win great prizes:

  • 2 Amazon Gift cards worth 30 $ and
  • the main prize: a one year subscription to the print edition of the Annals of Improbable Research – the research magazine that first makes you laugh and then think! The magazine is most famous for organizing the Ig Noble Prize each year at Harvard.

So help us improve me’kono and win a nice prize!

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